Jan 3, 2013

Fall Family Pictures

We had family pictures with Karlee Payne in the early fall and it was quick and easy...our favorite way of doing things...thanks Karlee!  Enjoy the following pictures!...

Dec 21, 2012

Halloween Party Time!

Happy Halloween! It's a little late but wanted to get caught up on my blogging before Christmas. We were the Toy Story theme this year and had a blast doing it! Bridger wanted to be Buzz Light Year and we went from there...Mason (little Alien), Tay (Woody), and Me (Jesse)!

Cutest Alien I've ever seen!
To infinity and beyond!

Our ward had a little Halloween carnival and it was a lot of fun for the boys to play all the little games...over and over again...haha

Dec 19, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Happy Halloween! (I better get that in there before Christmas haha). We had a lot of fun going to a pumpkin patch on Sauvie island! Look at all those pumpkins!
Mason loved the little tractor they could play on

my sweet Bridger boy

Pumpkin boys!

Such good brothers :)
Bad picture but had fun carving our pumpkins!

Dec 10, 2012

Disney World!

Early October we went to Disney World! Yahoo ya yippee! (as Bridger would say)...Here's the whole Weight clan and really what fun memories we made there! Thanks so much Steve and Debbie!
At Magic Kingdom! So fun!
Dumbo ride

Bridger LOVED all the rides that he was able to go on and would always want to go again...here he is saying "one more time?"

It's a small world! Bridger and Mason both loved this one...just look at his face; so much joy!

Magic Carpet ride
We went to Epcott another day which was fun but not so fun for the boys so we only stayed for a few hours and then back to the hotel to swim (which the boys absolutely loved!)

All the cousins! Bridger, Mason, Tommy, and Rex!

We tried to keep the boys in the stroller while just walking around because it was so hot and humid and we wanted them to stay cool. They didn't love being in there so much, but it was good to have it for a place to rest (and sometimes even nap...which was pretty rare :)...
all tuckered out
To have a break from the stroller, the boys would get rides from Daddy and Grandpa, or walk themselves...yep we were those people with the kid leashes...they were awesome! :)
Honey I shrunk the kids playground
star wars jedis! Mason is so tough guy here I love it!

My absolutely favorite thing about the whole trip was how cute the boys were with all the Disney characters! They loved seeing them...Mason would giggle excitedly and just bury his head in them and cuddle with them. Bridger was so cute too and would give hugs and kisses and then turn and smile for us (he knew the drill haha). Lots of pics below of them with characters, but it was so cute!
Captain America!
Minnie Mouse
Donald Duck
Minnie and Mickey Mouse!!!
Army guy from Toy Story :)
Dr. Seuss land! All the boys with Cat in the Hat!
With their birthday party theme of Thing 1 Thing 2, these boys really knew about these guys and were so excited about them. It was adorable!

...and speaking of...this is when we announced to Tay's fam about our "future thing" on its way!
We told them about the baby by getting the boys mickey mouse hats and an extra one for baby! :)

All the cousins again...Bridger, Tommy, Mason, and Rex
They loved the Toy Story rides...locked up with Zurg!
Hogwarts here we come! Another highlight of the experience
Hogwarts Express...notice the boys both holding their water bottle fans haha
...and yep the butterbeer was pretty delicious!

Another ride that Bridger loved so much! 
...I think you can tell from his face that Grandpa really loved it too :)

on our long flight home...taking our fun memories with us!