Sep 22, 2012


Another post from our time in fun spending time with the fam at Pineview lake...
look how tough we are!
definitely one of Bridger's favorite things to do (getting dirty)
...and one of Mason's favorite things too...floating in the water
All my cute boys!

Just relaxing on the chairs...I think lasted a total of two minutes :)

Jeff, Aubs, and Mom (we miss you!!!)
we found a nice sandy spot to have lunch and play 
Mason had a nap after lunch and we just hung out in the sun...I miss those summer days already!
Dad, Tay, and Mom

Bridger also LOVED driving the boat with Grandpa

Oh Aubs we love you!
and you too Jeff! What great aunts and uncles our boys have!

Sep 15, 2012

Water Fun!

 So here is the beginning of posts from our fun trip to Utah (back in June/July)...the boys had so much fun playing in the sprinklers and with the hose...we practically did it every day! What cute boys we have too! :)