Oct 31, 2008

A scary Halloween song just made cute!


Happy Halloween Everyone! This year we decided to be Hook and Tinkerbelle and had lots of fun dressing up! With lots of help from Tay's mom, Debbie, who made our costumes, we won a prize for best costume at the party we went to :)

Men with mustaches scare me!

Our pumpkin...yah, Tay got a little excited with the lighter fluid!

Carrie Davis and her friend: Peace and Quiet
The Davis family threw a great Halloween party and we had lots of fun!
So funny thing about this... it wasn't planned! Julie and Nelson Radmall (our cousins) dressed up as Tiger Lily and Peter Pan! It couldn't have completed it any more perfectly!

Oct 16, 2008


We went down to Zion with Tiff and Dave Robinaugh and Tiff's little brother Alex...it was so fun and we went on a beautiful hike called the Western Rim Trail...

Wasn't too difficult of a hike, but such a beautiful view...we really enjoyed it!

The night before we hiked in Zion...can you see the excitement on our faces?!
We made ice cream with our camping ice cream ball...here's Tay dancing around to shake it up a little :)
So pretty funny, but Tay and I had a camping shower before we got married and got these things called "urinelles" that help women relieve themselves in a more convenient way while camping...pretty funny and Tiff and I couldn't resist taking a picture with them even though we never used them!

When we got to where we wanted to camp for the night, after setting up camp, we went out to this big drop off cliff and watched the sun set...it was so beautiful!
Taking a little rest :)

From left to right: Taylor, Cami, Dave, Alex, and Tiff

We had a really good time!