Nov 30, 2008

So much to be grateful for...

What greater blessing to be surrounded by those you love! We have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving...and here's just a few on the list...

Thanksgiving in Holladay
We made A LOT of mashed potatoes for ALL of my family! Thank you Costco!

oh how we all love Tay!

The twins on my dad's "team" as they played Settlers :)
We went and watched my niece, Taylor play in a soccer tournament

We played this game called Killer Bunnies a lot! It's a pretty fun one :)
Romney and Rudy
Thanksgiving in St. George

all my cute nieces having fun with the dress-ups!

So many people to be grateful for! We love our family! We spent Thanksgiving in St. George and had two big on Sunday for those who couldn't come down and then another in St. George! Good to be with the family! (oh and by the way you may be wondering what is going on with all those Ute fans? well, my family is about half for the U and half for the Y... of course Brig, Aly, and all the kids had to show off their sweatshirts the day after the big game...oh well, we'll get them next year! Oh and a really cute video from the weekend too...

Nov 19, 2008

Sharing the Gospel Online

So working as a Training Coordinator at the MTC has been such a neat experience for me! ...for those of you who've asked me about it all, it's hard to explain in a sentence or two what I do. I usually say in response to someone's question, "I work as a training coordinator in the MTC over Chats online." Some know about, but most don't. Really is geared toward those who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however members of the Church should be well aware of this website and its contents (Elder Ballard all instructed us to know it's contents many times). Let me share more with all of you about how amazing is and why we all need to know about it!...

1. The doctrine of our beliefs is laid out so beautifully and clearly, fashioned after the inspired Preach My Gospel, which we have been advised to study and know in our homes many times in General Conference :)
2. There are almost one hundred testimonies of Recent Converts...members of the Church sharing their experiences of how they came to know that the Word of Wisdom is true, or the importance of families, or where we came from and where we are going. Watch these! They are so wonderful!
3. It provides a way for anyone who may be interested in gettting a hold of the countless items of free media that the Church offers.
4. It gives the opportunity for anyone to find the nearest Church from where they live and what wards are assigned to what building etc... AND it is amazing how detailed of information it gives like a map to get there, the bishops phone number etc.
5. It has a form that allows anyone who may be interested in hearing more from missionaries in their area, to fill out the form and refer themselves.
6.It has a search feature of doctrine or topics people may have questions about and I love the search because it keeps it very simple and clear. ( can get a little complicated and in depth sometimes)


7. It has links all over the site where a visitor can chat online live with a missionary! This is what I'm over in the MTC and I love being involved with such an inspired program. It is a feature that helps hundreds of people each day from all over the world as they can come on and chat anytime (24/7) to recieve answers to their questions, learn more about the Gospel, and our purpose with all of this of course is to Invite others to come unto Christ.

From left to right: Elder Boardman, Elder Tagg, Elder Sano, and Elder Perez (he has the greatest smile and don't know why he's not smiling in this picture :)

We also have full time online missionaries who spend their whole day serving online helping people through chats. These missionaries I have worked with everyday and what a wonderful blessing it is to have come to work with them! They all have different medical issues that are preventing them from serving out in the field, but are so happy to have some way of being able to serve and their purpose is still the same from any other missionary: To invite others to come unto Christ by helping them recieve the restored gospel throught faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. They help people come closer to Christ through keeping commitments such as reading the Book of Mormon, going to Church, meeting with local missionaries, learning more online, praying to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true, etc... They set return apts. with those who are sincere in learning more and they contine to teach them more and more online until the person feels comfortable meeting with local missionaries. When this happens the online missionary continues to stay in touch as a support missionary and helps the local missionary to help the investigator continue to progress. What a wonderful process! With the full time missionaries this only started early this past summer and they have already had close to ten people get baptized all over the world!

Truly Heavenly Father is using the means of the internet to share His gospel and help any sincere seeker of truth to come to know Him and His plan for them. I am so grateful for this technology and grateful for the opportunity to be involved with chat. I invite all of you members of the Church to go there and be familiar with the features on it (please remember that the chat feature is for non members) and get excited about it and then pray and seek to whom you can invite to go there to learn more about the Church. Maybe this would be a great Family Home Evening Activity ;)

I'm sorry that this is a super long post, but I really do hope that you will all take the time to learn more about site...another way to share the Savior's gospel.

here are some testimonies...I love them!

Nov 17, 2008

Ten things I love about Taylor:

1. Knows how to make me laugh
2. Teaches me so much every day
3. Great example of humility and kindness
4. More attractive to me each day! (what a hottie ;)
5. Treats me like a queen
6. Physically active and keeps me going
7. Loves me for who I am
8. Helps me to be my best self
9. Supports me in all I do
10. Most wonderful husband and friend in all the world!
and the list goes on and on!