Jan 24, 2011

Surprise Surprise!

So you may be wondering what this plaque is all about. Tay's sister got it as a spoof present from their Grandpa Nielson at her baby shower out here. Tay and I thought it was funny due to our lives at the moment so I had to post it.
Think about some of the events that have given you the biggest surprises in your lives. We just experienced one of those moments that could be on par with yours. Surprise surprise! Tay and I are having another baby boy! Due June 2nd! Yep I'm now 5 months pregnant and we are thrilled (and I think a little still in shock :). Bridger's face above gives a good description of how we all feel :). The funny thing is I didn't know I was pregnant until a month ago! Here's the story...

It all started on Tay's Bday (December 21st) when Tay and his Dad and brother in law, Garrett went skiing. That morning as they came to pick up Tay I asked Steve (Tay's dad) to see if I was ok...Tay's dad is an OB and I felt like I was having problems healing from having Bridger so I wanted him to check out my stomach and make sure I wasn't having muscle tissue build up or something (which is what I was thinking it was). He had me lay down and checked my tummy and said, "Are you sure you're not pregnant? It's either that or a big ovarian cyst" I was in shock and at the moment was thinking neither option sounded that great. Right after they left to go ski I ran downstairs and took a pregnancy test...yep positive! Even though it was quite the shock at that moment, I had the greatest sense of peace come over me and I knew that even though it wasn't in our plans, it was part of Heavenly Father's plan for us and that this baby was meant to come to our home at this time. I called Tay and told him and he was also very happy and seemed to know it was going to be positive (his dad told him that he was pretty sure it was a baby and he thought I was even 16 wks along....what?!). I didn't believe that I could be that far along and have no idea! Over Christmas break, we scheduled an apt. with our local OB and got an ultrasound. I was shocked to find out that I was 19 wks along! I couldn't stop laughing! We were able to find out the sex of the baby (BOY!) and everything! It was fun to see him and it made it more of a reality. He's healthy and the due date will be June 2nd! I always said I would love to have twins, who knew I was going to have Irish twins! ;) I have a feeling that Bridger and this new baby will be great friends. Tay's theory is that they were supposed to be twins but somehow on the way down either the new baby needed a potty break or Bridger played the old "look over there" and they got split up and now they are trying to be as close to twins as they can be. Hooray for baby boys!

Jan 6, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I wasn't very good at sending out Christmas cards this year, so please enjoy this picture and pretend like you got it in the mail with a message telling you how much we love and appreciate you...cause we do! :)
Christmas time just got so much better now that we have a kid! Even though he doesn't understand the concept of Santa just yet, he was having so much fun, especially with having so much family around.
Taylor teaching Bridger how to open his gift
he loved to play with (and eat) all his toys of course...

...and he shared his new toys too
So this is how much he loves his uncle Nick...
...just not when his uncle Nick is wearing this. Pretty scary huh Bridger!
It was fun to spend Christmas day with the Weight family. Nick and Elizabeth above. Garrett and Christine below.

Merry Christmas to one and all. Ho ho ho!

Christmas Eve Fun

We spent Christmas Eve with the Colton fam and had our wonderful classic Christmas Eve candlelight dinner with Arby's....yep Arby's and it was delicious.

Some of the family...Colton, Jeff, and Jana
"Taylor the boy", "Taylor the girl", and Aubs
Grandpa playing with Bridger. :)
Our tradition of having Gingerbread house making contest (even though both teams always end up winning :). Lots of fun and loved being with the family.

Tay's Bday and Other Celebrations...

Here's my wonderful hunk of a man turning 27! Happy Birthday to the worlds greatest husband and father!

It was also very fun over the Holidays to have Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Steve in town as well...Bridger misses them already!

We also visted with Great Grandpa Weight and Bridger especially LOVED all the cute Christmas bears he had.

Oh Christmas Tree

Bridger was so cute as we picked out a Christmas tree.
We also loved putting him this Santa outfit and found any excuse to do so :)

Jan 3, 2011

Christine's Baby Shower

I'm so excited for Christine's baby to come due in February. She came out for the holidays so it was fun to have a shower for her. She is having a boy...yea for baby boys and now Bridger will have a boy cousin his age on the Weight side.
This is the little baby toy we thought was a great resemblance to Bridger as a little baby :)
As always Elizabeth does an amazing job with all of the food and decorations...we did contribute the chocolate fountain though so if you want to invite us to your party we can bring it along :) yum

Bridger was such a good boy too and loves being around other people, even strangers...the only stranger I've seen make him scared is Santa...post to come with all the Christmas fun!