Jul 26, 2010


Happy Pioneer Day everyone! I don't know if this is really the best way to honor our pioneer ancestors, but we were lucky enough to have a great friend, Camellia Rowland, who was the event director for this Cuisine Fair in Provo and got us free tickets! It was delicious and so fun! We are definitely going to be doing this next year...
The Markhams also enjoyed the event with us as we went from booth to booth filling up our little box with foods of all sorts :) ...is this heaven?
The woman of the day! Thanks Camellia for your hard work to put together such an awesome (and yummy) event!
As we sat down to eat some of our delectables, this lady insisted that she hold Bridger for us and was so sweet :) She just loved holding him and it was very nice of her.
this food was only from one booth...as you can imagine we were pretty full afterward...we didn't even get to all the booths!
p.s. Bridger is so good at holding his head up now and is just getting SO strong!

Jul 23, 2010

Lake Powell!!

Hooray for Lake Powell! We love Lake Powell and were really excited to introduce Bridger to one of our favorite places :)
Tay balancing Bridger... look at his cute life jacket! A little too big for him but so cute!

Amber and sleeping Connor
I love my Dad and Mom! They are so good to keep these trips going to Lake Powell and we love them so much for it!

Jana and her sweet girls: Kimi and Cali
Zac and Rudy
Jeff holding Bridger boy
Out swimming to cool off!
Tay running up the sand dunes...hot hot hot! (him and the sand ;)
Here we are at night having a family devotional before bed. Some of my favorite Lake Powell moments are on top of the houseboat at night with millions of stars overhead and us talking about the gospel of Christ. Many fond testimony builders over the years for me.
Ticket to Ride Lake Powell style! :)

Bridger loved Lake Powell and was such a good baby boy!

Aubs and all the girls (I have such cute nieces!)

Rise and Shine! The sun was out nice and early every morning getting us out of bed (usually up around 5am!)
Bridger was always sleeping on the boat...he loved the lull of the boat and it rocked him right to sleep :)
We loved our camping spot and it was nice to have Dad and Brig's boats for all our skiing, wakeboarding, tubing etc fun!
sleep boy!
It was a good relaxer for us as new parents and fun to be with the family!
...until next year, beautiful Lake Powell!

Jul 12, 2010

Happy Two Month!

I'm already two months old now! I've been a busy boy this summer! Here are a few things I love to do lately :) ...
I love to look around and just soak in the world around me!
I really love to smile and have been smiling every day which makes me parents VERY happy!
Daddy is making me laugh right here :)

Suck on my fist...mmmm yum!

Spit out my binky...who needs one anyway?

Sit in my bumbo chair and do my neck exercises...I'm getting so strong!

Stretch and stretch and stretch! (picture is a little blurry because I can't stay still)

I LOVE getting my diaper changed! (thanks mom for editing the picture a little :)

taking naps with my dad

laying out with my mom at 7 peaks (in the shade of course! :)

...and I also love running and biking with my mom and dad...

... and as usual I fall asleep on the way

Jul 10, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

LOVE it when they match!

Bridger is beginning to smile more and we love it! More to come :)

Here we are at the Provo Parade with the Markhams (Alyssa, Shane and Kita of course :)

Bridger's first parade...can't you see the excitement?!
Thanks Kita for letting Bridger ride on your back :)