May 18, 2010

Baby Bridger Boy!

So our baby story may seem boring to some, but to us it will be one we'll never forget! I'm not one to usually write much, but the little details all of sudden mean so much to me now...maybe because all of those details add up to something so special in this case. To go back a couple of weeks at my weekly doctor apts., the doctor told me that I was not progressing at all and that he wouldn't be surprised if I went over my due date (May 15th). He let us know that he would induce me on May 24th if we hadn't had the baby by then. To keep me from going stir crazy, I just then assumed that May 24th is when I would have the baby. I felt like I had plenty of time to get things done and was taking my sweet time. This last Tuesday (May 11th), the doctor checked me again and told me he was going to throw me a curve ball...I was dilated at a 2 and 100% effaced! He said I had two choices...1. Wait for mother nature and just let this baby come when he wants to. He said as a warning though that the baby would probably be growing an ounce a day! or 2. I can be induced tomorrow (wednesday) morning! I was in shock and just inhaled sharply with a big open smile! Of course tomorrow! I am so excited for this baby to come (of course at the same time the words were leaving my mouth, I had a running list going in my head already of all the things we needed to get done that day). After leaving the doctors, we got a bunch of errands done, cleaned and finished some laundry and then as a last hoorah we went out to a movie and dinner (Ironman 2 and Rooster-dumpling and noodle bar). We then went home and tried to get some sleep. I failed miserably as the anticipation was too much. I was so excited!
Here we are at the hospital...Got there at 5am, put on pitocin at 6am, epidural at 8am, contractions all day (I slept through most of the day for a total of probably 10 hours :) while Tay was super bored...but super supportive and patient too! To start my epidural was a pretty high dosage and I got numb too high so they took me down and then I could feel mostly everything which I didn't like as the contractions got stronger, so they upped it again and I was in drowsy heaven. For some reason the epidural made me so sleepy but it was perfect as I got caught up on my rest! Tay just sat next to me as I slept hypnotized by the monitor screen seeing my contractions go up and down, up and down... :) around 4pm the nurse came into check me and I was a +1 station! Ready! She told me the doctor was with another delivery at the moment but would be with me right after. Then a few minutes passed and she came back to say the doctor wanted me to "rest and descend". I can either push for 2 hours or I can rest for two hours and the same results will occur. I thought rest sounded great of course so we did so for another hour. The nurse then came in again and said the doctor could come deliver now or would it be ok if he did another one first (I guess this other lady who was there was in a lot of pain). I was snug as a bug so I of course said he could do the other lady first (I would have felt bad saying no...she can thank me in heaven :). He then came in around 6 pm...
...they had me all ready to start pushing in no time and within 10 minutes our precious baby boy was born! (Tay and I actually went back and watched it all agan on our video camera and timed how long I had to push...a total of five whole minutes!! I know, I know, you're thinking right now that I had it tough huh? I honestly was shocked... I was all ready to be a fighter and to push and push... I guess the baby was too anxious to get out right away to meet his excited parents :) Bridger Taylor Weight! Born at 6:18pm. 8 lbs. 4 oz. 19.5 inches! Tons of hair! Good set of lungs! Adorable as can be! Happiest Parents in the world!
Here we are just after the birth! Two very proud parents! Oh what joy, one little guy can bring!!

Dr. Judd has been such a great doctor!
Here is baby Bridger right after his first bath. Wide awake and don't you love the hair! He wanted to come out in style I guess with a fauxhawk and a little mullet too! :)

One happy family!
Poor tired Tay...he didn't get as much sleep as mommy (thank you epidural :). Can you see the resemblance? Like father like son
Here we are ready to go on Friday afternoon! Thank you to Orem Community hospital -all the wonderful nurses and such great service! We loved the whole experience and so excited to be bringing home such a precious treasure!

May 15, 2010

First Little Video of Baby Bridger

Maternity Pics

Due to an awesome photographer and friend, Alyssa Vincent, we had a good time doing some maternity pics. I was really hesitant to do them and only wanted a couple of classy shots (we all know there's some pretty scary looking maternity pics :) ... so last minute (at 38 weeks) I decided I really wanted just a couple ones that celebrated being pregnant. Honestly for me, pregnancy was actually really enjoyable and the excitement and anticipation of that little one is a feeling hard to describe. I feel like some of that joy I felt was captured in these photos.

Ha ha Tay is so much tanner than me :)

This one is my favorite :) Thanks again Alyssa for showing me that maternity pics are worth it! And of course I will give her website a little shout out for those of you looking for amazing pictures. Alyssa Vincent Photography

May 9, 2010

Last Days...

Baby should be coming soon and here are a couple things that have kept me busy so I don't go crazy just thinking about baby every second! :) ...
Spending time with family (it was Grandma's 90 bday! Go Grandma!)

Getting more temple trips in (especially trying to go to temples that are farther away since it will be harder when the baby comes :)
Spending time with friends (BBQing with the treehouse clan )

Saying goodbye (temporarily) to my work friends...Dan Ware, Brad Petty and Brandon Jackson
Last week of my pregnancy I even went to the BYU Women's Conference with my wonderful and just what I needed for a spiritual boost before being a mother! I'm so grateful for the great example of my mother and can't wait to be a mom too!
I even celebrated Mother's day too :) Tay got me a beautiful corsage...what a wonderful hubby!