Dec 5, 2010

The best gift we could ever ask for!

Bridger started playing with my ribbon as I was getting ready to decorate the Christmas tree and he was having so much fun, I had to get some pictures. Oh to see the world in a child's eyes!

Dec 2, 2010

Thanks! Thank you! (and Movember too)

Before we go on to things we are grateful for...let me just say I was very nice this month to let Taylor fulfill a life long dream of his to grow out his mustache for all of November...thus Movember! He loved every minute of it too, but December 1st it was out of here. I'm still very proud of him though and the good cause Movember is dedicated help raise funds for men's cancer research. It also came in very nicely :)
So much to be thankful for!
Bridger loved Tay's mustache because Tay would tickle his neck and tummy with it :)
Bridger and cute and matching too!
Thanksgiving dinner with the family...notice we have many "kids" tables...there are so many of us now and we are down in St. George that we definitely couldn't all sit on the same table.
(Ali, Nate, Amber, Brig)
(Jeff, Cami, Taylor, Bridger)
We also had some cousins and my Grandpa Richards join us
Aubs and Dad
Such cute chubba cheeks, I just want to eat them!
Bridger is so ticklish now and it's so fun to get him laughing really hard
Lucky Grandpa got to watch all three boys while we went to the movie Tangled (loved it)...thanks Grandpa!
Tay went out shooting a couple of times with the boys and had a blast! (pun intended :)
notice the pieces of clay pigeon sprayed through the air...good job babe

and of course on the way home we had Bridger listen to some Christmas music...he loves it and we can't wait for him to have his first Christmas.