Jun 25, 2008

W8 Cabin in Tennessee

Who would have thought Tennessee could have been this much fun! I had no idea that a lake in the middle of a forest was this gorgeous, but oh it was! It was so fun to play with Debbie, Nick, and Elizabeth on this trip as well!

We weren't there over the 4th of July, but close enough :) We still had fun with fireworks...I mean come on, we could get the big ones legally there! Look at how excited Tay was!

Not my best skiing...I was pretty out of shape from my stress fracture, but it was still great water!

Tay did awesome as usual though!

The trip wouldn't be complete without me adding this picture...Debbie once again closing her eyes in a picture :) Oh how I love this woman!

Cliff jumping!

The W8 Cabin

The w8 boat and dock

...playing "The Great Dalmuti" until the wee hours of the morning...so much fun!

Jun 15, 2008

Cedar Point in Ohio

We went to Cedar Point...known as the "Worlds' number one amusement part"...so fun and crazy rides!

Tay's century 100 bike race

After our honeymoon, we spent a month in Ohio, but on the way we stopped in Milwaukee for Tay to race in the century 100 with his dad, uncle, and cousins...he did awesome!

What great father son bonding time! Tay and Steve love biking together!

We saw Lance Armstrong there who also biked in the race!

Oh I'm so proud of my love!