Aug 9, 2012

Bubbles and Running

Any chance we can get out, we do so, especially with two little active boys who love to run and explore. Here are some pics from earlier this summer and some fun we had with friends...
Mason's curiosity (for the time being at least) can tie him down to one spot, but Bridger on the other hand is all over the place and loving every minute of his freedom!
campfire and friends! love love love!

He also loves bubbles and of course had a great time running through them

hey over there

Aug 1, 2012


Poor Bridger and Mason got hand foot mouth this summer. They were miserable and I felt so bad for them. Tay ended up getting it too even which is rare for adults. I was so happy when it was all over and of course they were too!

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home!

We all love it when it's time for Daddy to come are the boys watching patiently to see our yellow truck come around the corner... 

*these pics are from a couple of months ago and forgot I had them so the boys are a little younger here. also side note: Bridger's nose looks pretty bad but only lasted a couple of days...he was running and fell on the cement...ouch!

here's where he saw our excited!

notice he still has his backpack on...they attack right when he comes in the door and they don't want to let go! It's so cute how much they love and admire him :)