Apr 30, 2012

Wahkeena Falls

Another fun activity over Tay's school break (over a month ago haha...so I'm a little behind) we also went to another falls with some friends and had a great time! The weather was great which always helps :)

The gals (Rachel, Christine, Kira, Carmen, and me)

We are surrounded by so much beauty here it's amazing! (yes Bridger is eating the mist from the fall)
Bridger absolutely loved being able to run around everywhere...his favorite thing to do lately!

Mason was also all smiles (as usual)

Here's our little sasquatch tromping through the forest haha

Apr 26, 2012

Swimming Fun!

Over Tay's break (a couple of weeks ago) we had some fun family time...here we are at a community indoor pool that was a lot of fun!
They even had a big slide that was so fun for the boys to go down...I think Bridger went down twenty times! Mason even enjoyed it as well :)

Happy smiling boys = we are definitely coming back again soon

Apr 25, 2012


I've been a bad blogger lately, but I'm going to make up for it and start posting a bunch of treasures that I've neglected to put up the past couple of months. Here are some cute pics of the boys with their cousin Tommy, all wearing matching hats :)
As usual we were trying our best to get them to smile... they probably thought we were all crazy right here :)
Scared Mason? 
Stylin Bridger
Cute Tommy

Apr 16, 2012

Funny Bunnies!

 Happy Easter everyone! We've definitely had a busy March and I will have to post some of our fun from that month later, for now...Easter! The boys sure had fun figuring it all out. Bridger loved the idea of getting more candy of course, and Mason just loved playing with all the eggs ;) Enjoy all the pics...

Last but not least...we also died some Easter eggs...Bridger was so proud and after dying the eggs, he was quick to crack a bunch of them too :)