Mar 29, 2011

Happy Ten Month Bridger and Happy 7 month to me

Being 7 months pregnant now, I have been having a hard time staying up on things. The only things I have been doing is spending time with Tay and Bridger and crafting a lot (my way of nesting :). Hopefully soon I will put up more posts, but for now I wanted to share these...

I can't believe how much Bridger is growing up and along the way he has just given us so much joy and makes us laugh daily. He is one spunky fun boy and has so much personality! As you can see from the following pictures he has many fun faces to share. Thanks again to our awesome friend photographer Alyssa Vincent
This is one of Bridger's favorite faces to make as he also makes the sound "Oh". He probably does is 50 times a day. He is very interested in everything around him.
This picture was after we took him off of the rocking chair, as you can see from below he loved it and was very content to just rock and rock...

Ok so these will be the last naked boy pictures of Bridger since he will be turning one soon, but we had to do it one more time while he was still a little baby because... well he is so darn cute naked! :)

He loves to clap and dances so cute. We will have to be better at posting video too. 
He was having a blast

Good job Bridger, making sure you're all modest. 
Once again, his favorite face!
He does this cute cheesy smile all the time...especially to strangers like he's trying to make a new friend. It's the funniest thing.

I love this one. So cute...look at those pretty eyes!
We love you Bridger and can't wait to have you share your fun personality and love with your little baby brother! 
Saved the best for last. Just tasted the trunk. I love it.