Oct 19, 2012

The GREATEST place on earth!

So I'm slowly working my way through the events of the summer...this post: Lake Powell! We went in July with the fam and what an awesome time we had! The only sad part of the trip was that Taylor wasn't there (had to get back to school that week). The boys were A LOT of work, but thanks to my wonderful family who helped SOOOOO much, we all made it through and had so much fun in the process!

Bridger and cousin Brady (they were so cute together!)
ice cream time at the marina
Every night we have a devotional with the family and it is one of the sweetest memories I will always have of Lake Powell, it's a time for us to get together as a family and share our testimonies of Jesus Christ and how His gospel has impacted our lives. I always come away each night from them so filled with the Spirit of the Lord and a tender closeness with all of my family.  Here are the "sunshine girls" giving their presentation...they look for random acts of service through out the day and then give out the awards (on paper plates that are very special to everyone) that night.
Swimming with Bridger and Cali (Bridger and Mason were a lot of work, especially because they loved going in the water all the time and had no fear doing it too)
Jake and Alison
Swimming/floating fun
Books were a way to take a break every once in a while...can you tell how extremely tired I am from this picture?  :)
We had lots of fun with a couple of gopro cameras and then even more fun watching the footage
Braiding hair

Mason especially loved boat rides!
Bridger and uncle Jake

Grandpa and Mason....thanks again and again to Grandpa who helped me so much with the boys! (especially in the mornings so I could go skiing :)
game of quarters (Becca, Jake, and Aubrie)
Thanks also to Grandma for ALL of her help too! Reading books to everyone
Bridger also LOVED just playing on the beach and getting all sandy
Aubrie and her friend Marci (one of the fam too ;)
I love that my boys loved Lake Powell so much, especially since it means so much to me and holds so many memories from my childhood...

Bridger also loved driving the boat...so cool!
Nice shades :)
Tubing! Bridger was so brave as usual and loved it...look at that huge smile!
Hanging on the boat with Connor...
so cute!
This is what I did most of the time...just followed this little guy around :)
girls girls girls!
Amber and Connor
Crazy hair!
SO tired from all the hard work of getting camp set up!
I loved the little handle on Mason's life jacket...it was a great way to keep tabs on him :)

Having fun with cousins!
really everyone was so helpful...here is Colton watching one of the boys...such great helpers that I was so so grateful for!

Cali, Shelbi, and Taylor
Bridger playing with uncle Jeff (who also helped a ton!)

I love my boys!

yay for skiing!

(Mason LOVED the little shower we had on the back of the house boat! :)
here's where they slept and sometimes napped if they felt like it ;)
but hey they had a great view from the top of the houseboat so who can blame them for not wanting to sleep sometimes?