Apr 21, 2010


Back to more crafts...I also couldn't resist making this little B. O. Y. sign and loved adding it to the baby room. The beauty of it was it only cost me a total of 8 dollars to make! Isn't saving money and doing something yourself one of the most rewarding feelings?

Apr 20, 2010

April Showers!

So grateful for all my family and friends and for their love and support!
(Christine and Debbie)
(Marsha, Rebecca and Becky)
(Grandma and Sylvia)
(Cheryl, Karen, and Elizabeth)
(Grandma Nielson and Brooke)
(Whitney, Stephanie, and Sarah)
(Joanie and kids and Nicole and JC)
(Mom and Aubrie)
(Aly and Brady)
(Taylor, Aubrie, Tiff, and Holly)

This was my shower with Mission and MTC friends!
(Sister Hacking and Sister Hunter)
Treehouse Love! ...Lindsay Johnson, Becca Pike, Jenna Jensen, and Cammie Johnson (just missing Lexie :(

Apr 16, 2010

Are you Ready?

Artist: Romney (my cute niece)

So the common questions of the last month as people look down at my big belly is "Are you ready?" "Do you feel ready?" ...my reply? well honestly, I don't know but at least our place looks baby ready right? When exactly do you get to the point of "feeling ready". My achey body says I'm ready, my waddling walk says I'm ready, and at work when the missionaries see the size of my belly with awe and whisper to each other things like, "wow she's ready to pop"...yep I'm ready. Mentally is a different story. Right now, I'm mostly really excited with some anxiousness creeping in as well. Tay says I'm already getting impatient so for some reason to keep me occupied and not just wondering when the baby will come, I've been busy with doing more baby projects :) hooray!
I've deep cleaned...took me much longer then usual but was an awesome work out for an 8th month pregnant woman. I was huffing and puffing the whole time but loved getting things all clean and ready to go. I even cleaned the baseboards...what an accomplishment!

As some of you might have seen from an earlier post, Elizabeth (my sister in law) made these really cute topiary balls and I fell in love and learned how to make them as well. Thank you Elizabeth and Martha Stewart :) I loved them so much I didn't stop after making some for our living room, but also thought, hey these would be really cute for a baby mobile as well. That's when I got to googling and found an easy way to make one...all you need is ribbon, an embroidery hoop, and scrapbook paper for the topiaries.

My sweet mother in law, Debbie, came into town this last week and made the rest of the bedding so now it's complete and I absolutely love it!

Sweet dreams baby! I don't know if I'm completely "ready" but I'm so excited to meet you!

Happy Day!

For Elizabeth (my sister in law)'s bday, we had some yummy food at CPK and then got pedis and manis! Hooray! Now that is a good day!
Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

We all got glitter nails! So fun and sparkly! I feel like I have diamond fingers :)

...and since I can't see or reach my toes, it was extra special for me to be able to also get a wonderful foot massage, foot paraffin bath (heavenly) and glitter toes! I had to pick blue in honor of our upcoming baby boy!

Apr 15, 2010


Aubs and I watching the kiddies get the candy :) (we stayed up at Tiff and Brian's cabin and it was fun to be with them!)

Dying easter eggs!

What's Easter time without General Conference! Go Prophets and Apostles! :)

Apr 3, 2010


So I couldn't resist making these cute coasters after getting the idea from Christine (my sister in law). Thanks Christine! They are super easy and really fun! Let me know if you want to make them too, and I will show you how :)