Nov 30, 2012

Summer Family Pics

Another post from the summer months...we got family pics with Karlee Payne who did a great job even with the harsh sunlight rays :) (it was one hot day whew!)

Nov 29, 2012

Wahine Tri

 More posts from the summer that I'm just now getting too...I competed in another sprint tri called the Wahine triathlon. It was a lot of fun and I felt great...except for in the middle of swimming of course (that has always been my least experienced part in the tri).
 oh yeah!
 Let's just say that I'm glad that swimming part is first to get it over with haha

 ...and onto the bike which is always so much fun :)

 transition time...taking off my shoes

 ...and onto the run
 It was a very pretty course all around blue lake and also parallel to the Columbia river

 Finished! 7th out of 22 in my age group and 46th overall out of 215 women :)
 My number one supporter who I couldn't do any of this without

Nov 26, 2012

Happy Movember!

Happy Movember!!!  Look at these two peas in a pod haha! I am so grateful for my amazing husband, Taylor, who is my everything! He has been so patient and loving with my pregnant craziness as of late. I don't know what I'd do without this hunka hunka! So grateful for him and all his dedication to me and the boys. Just needed to post this to make sure everyone knew how incredibly awesome this guy is and you should see his real mustache this month... pretty good lookin ;)

time out

Here is our time out stool...I made it a while back but forgot to post's been a fun (for me) addition to our home. The boys thought it was pretty cool at first but now I have to say it's not their favorite place to be.
We saw it on a website and of course with the skills of my amazing husband we knew we could try to do it on our own. It was also my very first time buying alcohol and I felt like everyone was looking at me as I was waiting in the grocery store line haha
Don't worry we poured it all out! 

Seeing these pictures makes me realize just how much chub this boy has already lost (sigh)

finished product wahoo!

Best of Friends

 Truly these boys are such good pals...take a look for yourself to see just how cute they are with each other...

 fyi: they both wanted to be held so this was Tay's solution haha