Sep 15, 2009

My uncle, Kent Richards, was called as a general authority (a Seventy) this past conference and they wrote an article on him in the Deseret News that I thought was really neat and wanted to share...

Sep 8, 2009

Tons of fun in Tennessee!!!

I think I've been putting off this post, since it was our last trip of the summer which makes me sad and for some reason putting it on here makes it all the more real to me that the summer fun is coming to an end.

Hurray for Tennessee! Tay's family has a cabin right on the's a beautiful lake and the water is glass all day long! I've got to say, I love to take lots of now all of you can feel like you were really there with us :)

Tay's amazing's some still shots and there's a video of his stunts at the end of this post too!

I prefer skiing and love it! The water truly was glass all day long and I was so looking forward to skiing on this water again, I brought my new ski all the way there! There's no better feeling than slicing through water that's like butter!

...and here's Tay's twisty cool thing :)

Here's me trying to be like Tay...I actually cleared the wake by the end of the trip and landed it! Sadly... we didn't get it on video, but I have a video of an attempt at the end of this post.

Garrett and Christine and Nick and Elizabeth
Matt, Erianne (below), and Aleah (above)!

Tay and Steve...don't we all love word warp!

We got pedi's and mani's earlier for Christine's wedding reception in you can see my polish is already coming off...but had to get a pic of those cute flowers! Don't we all love getting pampered sometimes!
Steve is the man!

We didn't have a skurf board, but made up our own wake surfing with what we old kneeboard :)
love the hair Tay!

So beautiful!
The whole family has been reading the Wheel of Time series and have been having fun with comparing ourselves to the characters of the books...
So I have to give a little narrative to this picture...
Garrett: "Hey Rand I'm here to help you defeat the Dark One...burn him!".
Tay: "Thank the light Perrin, I couldn't do it without you!
more word warp! we love it! (notice how both Steve and Debbie have I-phones :)
Happy Birthday Christine! Here we are at her favorite place to eat...Texas Roadhouse...good thing they had one in Nashville...which is an hour away from the lake and we all crammed into a 5 passenger truck (below) to get there! That's how much we love Christine :)

Tay and I going out running in our five finger vibram shoes...we love them! I truly recommend them to anyone by the way.

heeeeeey steve!
playing in the rain...

haha I love this one...Elizabeth was pushing Nick in the looks like Nick is running toward her on the water!
we had so much fun playing on this big blow up toy that I had to include some of these pics...more fun videos below :)

Here's Tay and I going back to Ohio from Tennesse in Steve's fun! Tay's getting his pilot's license someday too, which I'm really glad he's doing because I have absolutely loved flying! We had a great trip...until next year Tennessee!

Sep 2, 2009

AHHHH! I'm a man!

Ok first of all let me explain...this is the email I receive the other day...

Cami Weight,

This letter is to inform you that the records we have on file are not matching up with the records kept at the Social Security Administration. There are five different categories that need to be the same both here at Brigham Young University and at the Social Security Administration. They are: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Date of Birth, and Gender.

The information that we have on file is as follows:

Last Name: Weight

First Name: Cami

Middle Name: Rebecca

Date of Birth: 12/11/1983

Gender: Female

Our records here at Brigham Young University indicate that your GENDER does not match the records kept at the Social Security Administration....

Ok so what?!...the Social Security Admin thinks I'm a man?! Taylor and I went to the Social Security Office yesterday to see what the deal was and they said that ever since 1987 when I got a Social Security card, I have been recorded as a MALE!!! Ahhhh! I can now say I have been mistaken as a man. LOL!!! We had a great laugh over this one and when I told me mom she laughed too...I guess the moral of the story...never assume anything! Gratefully the man at the counter believed I was a female, but now I just need to get my birth certificate and take it back to prove to them I'm a woman! haha! Who knew?

Sep 1, 2009

Rise and Shine all you BYU intramural fans! As my alarm goes off at 6am this morning, I ask myself, "is it worth it?" I'm now waiting in line with what looks like a 100 people in front of me. Luckily for me only a handful of those are girls so I still have a chance with the good schedules. I'm tired and sitting on the hard gym floor. Really is it worth it? Yes! I love intramural soccer and would gladly sacrifice for my team to get the good team schedule! I think of two years ago when my women's team took first...intramural champs. So funny how a really cheap intramural champion shirt means so much! Well it means a lot until we lose and are out of the bracket...then I don't think about it again until the next season :)