Sep 15, 2010

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me

Welcome to Brigham City where once a year they have a blessed event called Peach Days...

It was last weekend and we really enjoyed walking around downtown Brigham City right after the parade, where they had lots of cute little stores. We also had fun visiting some of Tay's family up there too!

We also walked around the fair they had going but didn't go on any rides...I'm not sure if Bridger was up for any of them, but he enjoyed just looking around at all the exciting new things to see

I had some yummy peach ice cream to really get in the spirit of it all
...and of course we can't leave out the peaches...we bought a whole bushel and have been eating them ever since! They are so juicy and delicious. We have also already made 3 peach pies and eaten 2 of them. :)

Sep 12, 2010

Happy Four Month!

Bridger is growing so much lately! The other day Tay and I were looking at some videos from when Bridger was just a newborn...I can't believe how much he has grown these past couple of months. Just look at those thighs!
He has been such a happy little guy and brought so much joy into our lives each day
I love this one... can you tell which one is Tay and which one is Bridger?

Twinner again! I love seeing these two all dressed up the same
He is now loving his bumbo chair and sits in it for a much longer period of time...he is also rolling over! Yep videos to come soon :)

Sep 10, 2010

Labor Day pics

With Bridger being almost 4 months now and getting to be such a cute chubba, it was time to take some updated family pics and here they are!
don't you just want to eat those cheeks!? :)
Bridger loves the tramp! He laughs so hard and it's just the cutest thing!

Oh how we love our little boy

Sep 7, 2010


We went up to Oregon for a week to visit Christine and Garrett (and Steve and Debbie were there visiting too)! We had lots of fun and were so glad we went. Here we are at Canon Beach (some may know it from the movie Goonies :) ...notice the "haystacks" in the background

...wanted to keep Bridger out of the sun and it was a bit chilly too but definitely a beautiful day!
We also stopped by at the Vista House where there was a beautiful overlook and it was also crazy windy up there...40 mph wind gusts up there!

Bridger was all tuckered out from all his new adventures :) Both Debbie and Christine just had birthdays and it was fun to celebrate a little with them.
Here we are at Multnomah Falls! So pretty and fun to hike up to the top!

This was so cute to see how much Bridger already loves just chillin with his daddy :)
Thanks Christine and Garrett for having us!