Jun 27, 2010

Blessing Bridger

What a special day it's been for us! Taylor gave Bridger a sweet blessing today and it was so good to be with our family and friends! (ps the food was wonderful so thank you everyone for helping out!)
Garrett and Christine
Steve didn't want to put Bridger down and it was fun to see how much he enjoyed being with Bridger :)
Elizabeth and Nick did sneak him away for a few moments :)
Zac and Jeff
Aubs and I
Thanks fam for all your love and support! So glad we could share this special day with all of you!
Four generations of Weights...carrying on the legacy!

Few Family Photos

After his long photo shoot (see previous post) we went over to the orchard by our place and took a few quick family photos...quick because Bridger was getting hungry...
...still my favorite one even though he's fussy because he's so darn cute!

Oh how grateful we are for our little family!
He's still learning to hold his head up but Taylor is working on him by helping him do his "exercises" daily :)

Jun 21, 2010

Bridger's Photo Debut

Bridger enjoyed his photo shoot (once again thanks again Alyssa Vincent!) ...well he enjoyed it for the most part as you will see :) ...

We've been blessed with such a good little boy! Here is his faux hawk that we love so much!

He is starting to smile so much now! It's been so fun for us and I just can't get enough of them!

nothing cuter than a little baby bum :)

He was wide awake for a lot of it and then got tired and fell asleep. He only fussed for a few minutes and of course we had to get pictures of that too :) ...

We love you Bridger! Happy One Month! (pics taken on June 14th)

Best Dad Ever!

Happy Happy Father's Day Taylor!
You are one amazing Dad and Bridger already idolizes you!

Jun 12, 2010

Happy One Month!

Last night was a tender moment for me. Bridger and I have both been a sick with a little cold. I was cleaning out his nose to help him breathe last night and even though it was needed, it made me so sad to hear him crying really hard. It probably only lasted for 2 minutes but for me it seemed much longer and my heart was breaking at the sound of his sad sad cry. At that moment I realized how our Father in Heaven must feel when we are sad and how much he wants to comfort us. He loves us so much and even though the trial we may be going through seems small or lasts only a small moment...He cares and wants to help console us. I am so grateful for the daily reminders of God's love as I hold Bridger in my arms. I have learned so much from this little guy already! No wonder God's plan for us is to have families here on this earth...we learn so much about Him and His relationship with us! Thank you dear Father for my little one.

Today is Bridger's 1 month mark and I can't believe how fast it's gone by already! Here are a few pics to see how much fun we've been having with him this past month :) ...

We love going on walks together! He especially loves his Baby Bjorn because he can look around while we are walking and he just soaks in his surroundings with his big beautiful eyes!
He also loves being cuddled and wrapped and swaddled :)

Love this one...here they are on Sunday with their matching tie outfits :)

Bridger also loves having a good time (here he is dancing with his sock monkey friend :)
He LOVES tummy time and is getting so strong holding his neck up! I'll have to post some video of this later since this picture doesn't really show just how good he is at holding his head up for a long time :)
We are so grateful for our little stud!

Jun 8, 2010

Sweet Moments

The sweet first moments with our baby are hard to describe but I feel that these pictures capture what words can't express...

again we can't thank her enough for capturing these precious moments for us so, if you are looking for someone to take pictures for you we would highly recommend our close friend Alyssa Vincent