Feb 24, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our Stake put a fabulous dance on with some fun props for fun pictures! We had so much fun at this dance...good food, good friends :) I had a great reminder of how amazing Tay's dance moves are! It's really too bad I didn't get a video of him. He is such an entertainer and makes me laugh so hard! I think I burned more calories laughing than from my actually dancing :)

Tay and I won...not one, but two prizes! Shane and Alyssa are trying to steal our spoils but they didn't really need to since we shared with them anyway :)

I love this one of Shane (trying to keep his mustache on) and Alyssa (trying not to laugh)
Oh we love the Kat and Jeremy...this one is a classic
Love the face Heidi...too bad Scott didn't get the memo to make a face too!
Cute cute! David and Brittany and Traci and Derric

These group ones are my favorites!

I don't know why we are framing the baby? Why Tay is making that face and why am I making that face? :) You can create your own captions for this one in our comments if you fancy to do so.

Feb 4, 2010

Oh how I love him!!

Oh how I love this man! First of all, I was too tired to want to do laundry and so here he is helping out, and secondly, look how much fun he makes it seem! He sings and dances all the time and it's a very rare moment when I can get it on video. Notice how he's singing Christmas music :) I love it!