Dec 28, 2009

Christmas Day!!!

Merry Christmas! Here is our family's classic line up on Christmas morning...
We are so excited!
Some gifts from each other...
and some gifts from the fam...

Having little kids around, makes Christmas so much more exciting! They truly keep the Christmas spirit alive and it's so fun watching them open their gifts! Look at those happy faces!

Jeff and Scott duking it out on the was hilarious to watch...little 2 year old Ian also beat Jeff, but we'll let him use the excuse that he's just a return missionary and isn't used to the wii just yet :) ...also side story...him and his friend got really sore from playing wii tennis...hilarious!
Jake was so cute and made a fun videos with all the grandchildren...they loved it!

Christmas Eve Festivities!

Here are all the Christmas Eve festivities we were able to have fun doing with the Colton family...We will start with the classic picture by the tree of course...
...and then the family picture...we were all together again which hasn't happened for years!

our favorite Christmas eve dinner tradition: Candlelight Arby's! Easy and we have no idea how it all began (don't we love traditions!)

We are needing three tables now to fit us all! Our baby boy will make 15 grandchildren!

Aly is 7 months! I'm only's fun to do a little comparison :)
...and of course our gingerbread making! We like to get into two teams and have a little friendly competition...mostly the adults putting together the base and all the kids decorating which can get pretty messy :)

...gathering around for Christmas songs and Dad reads Luke 2 ...a good reminder of what this is all about. We are so grateful for the Savior, Jesus Christ.
Tay and I decided to add a little fun to our program by having mom and dad open up a gift with clues for the gender of our baby! It's a boy! They opened up a box with a little blue onsie and the ultrasound pics. So fun!

...reading stories :) Tay is so cute with kids!
...and as always, Becca's funny faces! love em!

It was so good to have Jake in town to be with us from Chicago!
... and of course Nate, Amber and Connor! I loved holding him as much as I could! It made me even more excited for our little boy on the way :)

Oh don't we love baby boys! You can tell that's pretty much all that's on my mind now!

Temple Square and Christmas Tree Decorating!

What's Christmas time without going to Temple Square at least once! We went with the fam to see Aubs perform and of course she did amazing! Tay and I kept throwing fist pumps for her and good thing we were in the back so we didn't annoy anyone behind us. :)
I love this addition to temple square...a little fuzzy in the picture, but gorgeous in real life.

Here is Tay pondering the true meaning of Christmas :)
So beautiful and magical!
The Colton family has a tradition of having all the grandchildren help decorate the "downstairs" tree. (the upstairs tree is for my mom to have fun with her decorating skills). Tay and I helped pass out the ornaments.

OH Rudy...sharing love with Taylor (the girl :)

Shelbie and Cali
Zac and her faces!

Dec 24, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

We got an ultrasound on December 22! We are proud parents of a little BOY!!!
His hand was up by his mouth and I got all excited thinking he was sucking his thumb but the nurse informed me that he wasn't...still cute though
The nurse got a good angle as you can see we are pretty sure he's a boy! Hooray! Taylor is so proud :)

Here's his little foot! There really is a little baby inside me! :)
We can't wait to meet him!!!

Dec 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Tay!

For Tay's bday we spent some fun with his family...going to Macaroni grill and then playing some games afterward...
Here's his complimentary slice of bday cake...our waiter/singer entertained us with an Italian version of Happy Birthday. Too bad he was way flat the whole time, but we appreciate the effort!
Here we are gathered around playing a super fun game called's like mofia but way more fun. Whenever we get together to play it with the w8's we can't help but end up laughing the whole time!