Feb 29, 2012

Laundry Helper

 I have a little helper. He loves to help me with anything and everything. One of his favorite things to do is "help" me with the laundry. Even though it makes the job take twice as long, and it seems to lose half of our socks,  I'm grateful for the entertainment.
 Putting on one of my shirts as a blanket
 night night Bridger
 ...and here was another laundry day...

 if you are wondering what is going on here, just keep looking and you may figure out what he has...

 ...yep it's my sports bra, but to him it was a really cool belt thing, don't worry, very manly :)
and of course Mason is right along there too

Feb 20, 2012

Growing Boys!!!

My boys are getting so big! It has been so fun to see them grow, learn and play each day. (just a side note, don't judge that in practically every picture they are in their pajamas...that's how we roll around here haha
 Mason is the sweetest little guy. Really. If you meet him you will be surprised at how happy he is all the time. He never fusses, just is content with life. I think he made a deal with Heavenly Father before he came to the earth that if Heavenly Father would let him come earlier than usual, (If you don't know what I mean check out my story about finding out I'm pregnant with this little guy) then he would be a super good boy. He is living up to his promise :)

 Here he is looking outside and watching the rain. 

 Some things he loves to do now is climb up on everything, click his tongue, say dadada or just other cute cooing noises, "sing", play with Bridger (which means just following him everywhere, crawling as fast as he can to keep up), and he LOVES to smile. Such a little angel sent to us!
We love you Mason!

 Bridger is growing so fast and is full of life! Each day he surprises me with just how smart he is and how much he is full of joy and laughter. You can't help but be happy when you are around him.
 He loves to entertain as well and now with Mason around thankfully he has quite the captive audience 

 He loves to play all sorts of things...here he is setting up all of his blocks on his window sill. 

 What a cute boy!

 Here he is playing with Daddy's bike helmet, wearing it like a cape...quite the imagination :)
We love you Bridger!

Feb 8, 2012

Another Beauty

 We've been really needing a place to put all of our books. Back in October I asked Taylor if he could make me a bookshelf. Of course he went above and beyond my expectations that wonderful man. he even made this incredible bookshelf all from scratch. 
 I contributed by picking the hardware and the bead board on the back and telling him I wanted it to have a whitewashed look and wallah, wish granted!
 Look how many books we can store in here!
 ...and last but not least my favorite part about it...the beautiful light it has inside to showcase the books. I love the soft light and now I'm sure we pay a bigger electric bill because I love having it on at night.
Thanks Tay, you are so talented!