Jan 12, 2012

Christmas Day!

 Having Christmas with two boys this year was so much fun! We loved being with family once again and had a blast being able to spend so much time out in Utah before Tay started school again in Jan.

 Bridger especially made it fun because he loved everything about Christmas! He loved playing with my little nativity and was constantly saying "Cheezus, Mawee, and Tosuph" (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph). He also loves saying, Ho Ho Ho for anything Santa that he sees. He also loves Nutcrackers and will mimic them opening and closing their mouths.
 He loves trains! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Weight!
 Christine and Debbie
 Garrett and Tommy
 Elizabeth and Nick
 Bridger loved getting into the Christmas spirit of it all and would help Tay and I open our gifts too :)
 Let's just say we were all getting into the Christmas spirit haha

 Mason didn't quite know what to do with his presents so of course he stuck them in his mouth.
He's sure cute though!
 My favorite gift was from Tay (I was crying a little still in this picture with joy)...Wicked tickets in March! I'm so so excited for this
 Over with my family it was that fun Christmas chaos that we all love!

 Trying to help Mason open his gift...but once again he didn't quite get it haha

 ...and ate it some more
 Our gift to Steve and Debbie were family pictures...hooray for the Weight family for all helping get this together :)
Our gift to my parents was a birthday calendar and it was fun for us to make together.
 We also love books! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Colton!

 Other Christmas fun we had before coming back to Oregon was playing lots of games...
 ...and just spending time together as much as possible! We miss you all so much already!

 And last but not least, we were so excited to see Connor and Amber before we left and cherished those two days to spend with them!

They just loved playing together! Hooray for cousins!

Christmas Eve

 Every year our friends, the Maughan family, present a kindness award to someone who lives an exemplary life. This year they gave it to my parents and it was really neat to see them come and present it. I also am grateful for the great examples that my parents are and love them so much!
 It was fun for Bridger and Mason to get to know Jake a little better since we never get to see him (he lives in Chicago). We love you Jake and miss you already!
 This is how my pictures go a lot of the time whenever I try to get them to sit by each other.
 The usual Christmas Eve Arby's dinner...don't we all love family traditions!
 It was so cute to see Brady and Bridger "help" decorate the gingerbread house...let's just say there was a lot of candy eaten in the process ;)

 ...I even got a shot of one of the candy's Bridger contributed to the house!

 We split up in teams to decorate the houses and there's lots of kids on both sides so it's funny that there's hardly ever any space left on the house. That's the best way to decorate a gingerbread house.

Happy Birthday Tay!

Happy 28th Birthday!
 My favorite reaction to a birthday cake

 I am so lucky to have this man in my life. He is a wonderful husband and father! We love you!

Christmas Festivities

 The Christmas Party with my Grandpa Richards had to be at a Church this year because we've grown in numbers so much! It was like we had our own ward party there were so many people there. I love having a big family and it was so fun to see everyone!

 (haha I can see you Aly :)

 Bridger had a blast playing with all the kids too
Bridger and Mason having fun with all the "new" toys at Grandma and Grandpa Colton's house
 Don't ask me what he's thinking but it was funny 
 Playing with Grandpa and Grandma Weight too

 Our cute little santa boy!
 Tub time with Tommy... so fun for all the boys...except Mason right here...I don't know how much he was enjoying it haha

 ...and we also went to Temple Square...here we all are before we head out...all bundled up! (I think we chose one of the coldest nights to go of course.)