Oct 31, 2011

Pumpkins and Boys

We went to a pumpkin patch on Suavie Island, Oregon and had so much fun! Lots of pumpkins and lots of room for Bridger to just run around and have a good time.
 The morning started a little chilly so we all bundled up but just an hour or so later, it was a perfect sunny warm day.

 We went with the Harris family... Todd Harris was Tay's mission companion and it's so fun to have them so close.

 My little model haha

 ...and my little chubba...mmm I just love eating those cheeks!
 (playing on the bales of hay)

 the pumpkin patch was huge and it was fun to just walk around and enjoy the beautiful day

 our little helpers picking out pumpkins :)
 and testing them out too!

 oh yea, he's mine

a beautiful day, lots of fun, and both boys were fast asleep on the car ride home...a good day I'd say

Oct 20, 2011

Funny Moments

 We were over at Christine and Garrett's place and they just gave Tommy a bath. Moments later we found that Bridger snuck into the tub enjoying a little bath as well. We all had a good laugh.
Hopefully this doesn't gross anyone out, but it's reality...let's just say I have been producing a lot of milk and here is my treasure trove. It literally takes up the whole freezer haha.
My boys in twin pink polos. Some may think it's kind of funny but I think it's adorable!
Bridger sometimes wishes he was a baby again...they are so cute together :)

You may be a little concerned for Bridger in first looking at this picture, but don't worry, he's just fine...he is looking through the little cracks between the boards to watch the kids that live below us playing with their legos. It's adorable and it's awesome for me because it occupies a lot of his time.

We've mostly had sunny days, but just the last couple of weeks had more rain and we got Bridger some super cute matching rain boots and rain jacket. We are gearing up for the Oregon rain!

...oh the little things that entertain us...like stickers on tummys :) 
Last but not least...let's just say someone knows how to "plank" real well 

Oct 16, 2011

Fountain in the face

 While Tay's family was in town we also went to Blue Lake where they have a pretty lake and also some fun water fountains. Sadly the lake doesn't allow children younger than five years but we had plenty of fun playing in the fountains. 

 haha...a lot of the same face on Bridger but I had to add a few of them because they are hilarious!

 having so much fun!

 Grandma Weight and sleeping Mason
 I was enjoying the sun as much as I could before the rainy days.  (Christine and Tommy too)
So cute...Bridger and Grandpa Weight

Oct 11, 2011

Enjoying the Beach!

 We went to Cannon Beach while Tay's family was in town and even though the water was a little cold, it was a beautiful sunny day and we all had a good time...Bridger especially loved playing in the ocean for his first time! 
 It was so fun to watch Bridger and Taylor playing in the ocean. Sorry I couldn't help but take lots of pictures haha

 I love this picture of Taylor and Garrett throwing Bridger and Tommy super high! Now that's air :)
 Tay, Bridger, and Grandpa Weight
 boys will be boys...playing in the sand and getting all dirty
 There's something special about experiencing those first moments with your children. Their first time seeing the ocean...first time playing in the waves...first time feeling the sand between their toes

 The rest of the fam enjoying the nice day at the beach
Here's also a cute pic from the zoo I had to add with all the twinner boys in their cute batman outfits: Mason, Bridger and Tommy