Nov 15, 2011

I feel Lucky I'm not one to usually do this sort of thing, but I decided I feel lucky and I'm excited to (hopefully) win an Ipad 2 via Lifestyle Crafts. The idea of the prize sucked me in but then I took some time to look around at their website and I love it! So I'm actually happy to share their link with you! Enjoy crafting...I know I do :)

Nov 9, 2011

May the force be with you...

you know that's wars! We had so much fun this Halloween being the Star Wars family: Luke, Princess Leia, Ewok, and Little Yoda. 

Our amazing friends, Kekoa and Alyssa (and Lulu :) came up to spend the weekend with us from Utah. We had so much fun with them (more pics to come) and they were so good to take all these pictures for us and the other families that were there. Rarrrrr!

The Cards (um I mean the Adams family) put together a wonderful party and we had lots of fun!
Garrett (Lumberjack), Christine (Little Red Riding Hood) and Tommy (Wolf) So cute!

 The Knight family gave us the classics (and a cute kangaroo too :)

 How to slay your dragon theme with the Trujillos! I love these costumes and Rachel made them all herself! So fun and cute!
 ...and of course our ward missionaries that we all love! They switched name tags and imitated one another...oh yea living on the wild side!