Sep 22, 2008


So now that we are a poor married couple, we didn't have the byu football tickets this year, however thanks to Grandpa Weight, we were able to go to the BYU vs. Wyoming game and had a lot of fun cheering them on!

what was that call?
we really do have a beautiful stadium tucked up right by the mountains

Sep 10, 2008

Lake Powell!

We love Lake Powell! It was Tay's first time and he thought it was a beautiful place and had a great time! We were so excited when Dan and Megan invited us...we were sad that my family didn't go this summer like they usually do and so here was our chance to still get down there before the end of the summer!

The looming red rock canyons have always been such a marvel to me and I love cruising around on the boat all through the little coves and such :)

We went with Dan and Megan's family and friends and had a great time getting to know them!
Lake Powell's famous Indian Ruins...
airchairing...I've got going up and down pretty good, but can't do much else...maybe next year, I'll try to do some flips :)
bath time! cute mustache Tay!

It's amazing how much fun and active Lake Powell can be, but then how draining it can be too, and sometimes you just want to chill for a while

in the Indian ruins

ooh look at those rippling muscles!

the whole clan! thanks to the Mcmullin family for making this fun trip possible!