Dec 17, 2011

Ho Ho Ho...

 Ho Ho Ho...Bridger's new favorite words. He absolutely loves Santa and anything Santa. It's adorable. and Mason is just taking it all in haha.
 Even though the Christmas party was fun, I'm glad it's over haha. I was in charge of all the decor and the program which is no small feat since I've been in the ward for only three months and have two other callings. I ended up loving the experience though because it helped me to get to know so many of the members here and I got a lot of help setting everything up and taking it all down. Thanks Columbia Ward for all your help and support!

 Our programs' theme: "A Gift to All the World"...we had numbers in Italian (above from the Elders), Hawaiian, Norwegian, Old English, Bulgarian, Spanish, and German. It ended up coming together really well.
 Norwegian (We sang this with the Rust family who were all good sports to sing this with us)
 Bulgarian number: Silent Night from the Nordstroms
 Garrett, Tommy, and Christine

 German number: Still Still Still by the ward choir. It was beautiful
 Old English: What Child is This? from Chris Harris

 ...and ending the program was Bishop Card who helped tie it all together with some spiritual thoughts on the Savior, the miracle of His birth, and His sacrifice to all the world. 

  Yep Bridger's finger is in his nose...Merry Christmas everyone haha

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

 Hey even though it's late we have much to be thankful for...the two cutest little turkeys we could ever ask for!

 ready to eat!

yummy food! everyone brought good stuff and we truly had a feast! here the kids are wanting some candy they used for a little game. 
Thanks for letting us enjoy the day with you! (Trujillo Family, Burk Family, Missionaries, Peterson Family, Knight Family, and the Cannon Family)

Mt. Hood

 Around the end of October we went to Mt. Hood while the Vincents were visiting and I'm so far behind on blogging that I'm just now posting about it. It was a beautiful day so we stopped to take some pictures too...
 I love that Mason has this look that just says, "What is going on?"
 Family pic in front of Mt. Hood
tay modeling our baby...oh ya

 Alyssa, Kekoa, and Lulu Vincent (we love this family!) ...thanks again for coming up to see us!
oh ya, and we were not really supposed to be there I guess haha

Nov 15, 2011

I feel Lucky I'm not one to usually do this sort of thing, but I decided I feel lucky and I'm excited to (hopefully) win an Ipad 2 via Lifestyle Crafts. The idea of the prize sucked me in but then I took some time to look around at their website and I love it! So I'm actually happy to share their link with you! Enjoy crafting...I know I do :)

Nov 9, 2011

May the force be with you...

you know that's wars! We had so much fun this Halloween being the Star Wars family: Luke, Princess Leia, Ewok, and Little Yoda. 

Our amazing friends, Kekoa and Alyssa (and Lulu :) came up to spend the weekend with us from Utah. We had so much fun with them (more pics to come) and they were so good to take all these pictures for us and the other families that were there. Rarrrrr!

The Cards (um I mean the Adams family) put together a wonderful party and we had lots of fun!
Garrett (Lumberjack), Christine (Little Red Riding Hood) and Tommy (Wolf) So cute!

 The Knight family gave us the classics (and a cute kangaroo too :)

 How to slay your dragon theme with the Trujillos! I love these costumes and Rachel made them all herself! So fun and cute!
 ...and of course our ward missionaries that we all love! They switched name tags and imitated one another...oh yea living on the wild side!

Oct 31, 2011

Pumpkins and Boys

We went to a pumpkin patch on Suavie Island, Oregon and had so much fun! Lots of pumpkins and lots of room for Bridger to just run around and have a good time.
 The morning started a little chilly so we all bundled up but just an hour or so later, it was a perfect sunny warm day.

 We went with the Harris family... Todd Harris was Tay's mission companion and it's so fun to have them so close.

 My little model haha

 ...and my little chubba...mmm I just love eating those cheeks!
 (playing on the bales of hay)

 the pumpkin patch was huge and it was fun to just walk around and enjoy the beautiful day

 our little helpers picking out pumpkins :)
 and testing them out too!

 oh yea, he's mine

a beautiful day, lots of fun, and both boys were fast asleep on the car ride home...a good day I'd say