Apr 28, 2011

Easter? What's that?

 Bridger was definitely new to this whole Easter thing. He slowly warmed up to it (especially as we gave him a few tastes of candy) and just looked at us like we were crazy to be so excited about it all.

 ...Trying to figure it all out and I think it clicked once we took the wrapper off of the chocolate egg...

 Happy Easter Everyone!
 Spending the Saturday before Easter with the Weight family in Brigham City. 
 Sunday spent with my family. Bridger playing with the other boys (Connor and Brady).
 Once again just a little confused (and tired since it was time for his morning nap). He did gather some candy and put it in his basket although most of the time he stuck it in his mouth with the wrapper on. Here he's watching his older cousin, Connor, gather the candy. You can see the wheels turning in his little mind.

 So cute!
Maybe next year he will be able to show his little brother how it's all supposed to work. :)

Apr 21, 2011

Wood Crafts

 I have been having fun doing different crafts with wood...which means lots of wonderful help from my loving husband who cuts and sands all the wood for me. Here are some Christmas stocking hangers with our initials on them...
 D for Dad 
 M for Mom
 B for Bridger
 ? for the baby...not sure on the name yet so I'll add the initial later
 This Valentines craft was a fun surprise from my sister. When she came out to visit she brought this for us to do. The wood was already cut out we just had to mod podge some cute paper on and put it all together.

 Love Bug :)
 Now this one was my favorite and Tay did an awesome job with cutting out the wood. I just designed the letters and drew them on some wood in pencil and Tay cut them all out for me.

Happy Easter! (also mod podged some really cute paper on...mod podge is a good friend of mine :)
 ...and another post to come... Tay is making us a king size bed! I'm grateful to have a husband who loves wood work and helping me with crafts and fun projects for our house etc.

Apr 13, 2011

Snow or Shine

 Bridger has had an obsession with being outside. I guess you could say he gets it from his parents. If he's not outside, he's longingly looking outside...hoping and waiting for when we can go out.

 Since lately we've had some pretty snowy days, we've gone out those days too. He loves playing in the snow.

 Sometimes he likes to taste it too :)
 We've especially been enjoying the sunny days and Bridger absolutely loves every minute of it!

Apr 10, 2011


The whole month of March was dedicated to this...an ABC quiet book! Something I've been wanting to make for a long time. It was fun to have help from Tay and my mother in law also made the cover (last picture) which turned out awesome. My sister, Amber also made one with me and we had lots of fun figuring out what we wanted for each letter. 
A: Animals (finger puppets :)   
B: Buckle                            C: Clock (hands move) 
D: Dolls (lots of fun matching outfits to snap on the dolls)

E: Eggs (snap the matching color/texture with each egg)
F: Flowers (button on the petals)
 G: Gumballs (velcro gumballs)
H: Hands (put your hands inside)
I: Ice cream (snap on the flavors)
J: Jewels (match the shape of jewel and velcro on)
K: Kite (braid the tail)              L: Laces (lace the shoe)
M: Mailbox (write a note and put the flag up and down)
 N: Numbers (velcro on and count or put any combo on :)
O: Ocean (move the fish back and forth)
P: Picnic (take off the basket, open, and set up the blanket and dishes)
Q: Quilt (weave in and out and button)  R: Robot (move the arms/legs)
S: Seasons (snap on the season...I put on some of each one below...
                              T: Train (hook/unhook and move around the cars)
U: Umbrella (move the raindrops up and down)  V: Vest (button vest)
W: Wheels (rotate wheels around)            X: X marks the spot...
...you can take off the map and lace from each landmark following the key (landmarks can be rotated)
Y: Yummy (eat the fruits and veggies in the bowl and enjoy...notice the tribute to our alma mater)
Z: Zippers (have fun zipping and unzipping)
Outside case and front and back inside covers. Case made by Debbie and Taylor (a big thanks to them!). The tongue of the frog rolls in and out (has 2011 C. W. written on it). C. W. for Cami Weight :) Back cover has upper and lower case alphabet in pockets and can put them on the velcro to spell things or sing the ABC's. 
...and there it is...walah! A lot of work but I hope my children someday all enjoy it.