Aug 22, 2010

Farewell Elder Colton!

My little brother Zac just left for his mission on Wednesday... here we are last Sunday after his farewell. His talk was one of the best I've heard...he is so spiritually prepared and will bless the lives of so many people in Calgary, Canada!
Bridger is really going to miss you Zac! We all will and are so proud of you!

Bridger is going to be a great missionary someday...we just need to work on giving him a missionary hairdo :)
(Tay likes to twist his hair back there to accentuate the little mullet Bridger's got going on :)

Cousins at the Cabin

It's been so fun to have cousins around in Provo to play with! Sadly Rich and Celeste (and Ellia) are leaving us to move to Iowa and so we had one last hoorah together.
We went up to Tays family's cabin in Sundance and they made a fire and we had some yummy tin foil dinners (thanks again Rich and Celeste for sharing your delicious dinner).

Aug 10, 2010

Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

Bridger told us he wants to live in Colorado someday :) so any chance we can get to visit Nate and Amber we will take...Amber sent an email inviting us to come and just a couple days later we found ourselves there.
Taylor in deep thought...what a wise wise man
This is Connor...Connor discovered his nose recently :)
We love Big Boys! Bridger (3 months) and Connor (11months) ...Happy Three month Bridger!
Aubs, Amber and Connor in downtown Denver
It was fun and relaxing as we just went and laid out at the pool and played...we didn't want to leave!

oh sleepy boy, you are so cute!
This is by far my most favorite ice cream place I've ever been to in my entire life...not only was the ice cream and gelato delicious but the building was so cute!
Here we are at Pike's Peak (in the gift shop)...something was definitely in the air up there (maybe it was in the fog) but we had some laughs over some of the silliest things :)
...and we thought we may have seen big foot too!
it was soooo cold!
We couldn't take Bridger because his lungs weren't developed enough, so Amber was nice to stay back with Connor and Bridger as we went up Pike's Peak. There was some beautiful views on the way up but then the weather started going crazy with rain, hail, and tons of fog that blocked our view at the top.

get em bridger!
We also made it a point to see some other friends and family out in Colorado while we were there. Here is my old mission companion, Julia Smith. We ate at a place called Chedders which was very yummy!
We also went to a Rockies game with Nate and with Tay's cousins, Doug and Sara and their friend Jay. Thank you Doug for the beautiful profile :)