Apr 26, 2009


Colorado! We visited Amber and Nate at their place in Aurora, Colorado and had such a fun time with them. Amber planned out a great itinerary...Red Rocks, Movies, Temple, Downtown Denver, Great restaurants, games, beautiful runs, and more! We loved spending the weekend with them and can't wait to go back again! I'm only sad I didn't get more pictures of their super duper cute place! Amber could be a professional decorator. It was also fun because we got there right after they found out the sex of their baby...a boy! We are so happy for them!

Amber is taking the picture...too bad we don't have a pic with all four of us

This is us at Red rocks which was so pretty...these pictures don't do it justice...

Amber being 5 months pregnant, it was a good thing it wasn't too rigorous of a hike, just a mile or so and pleasant all around...it was a beautiful day!

This natural amphitheater at Red Rocks was so impressive and it was also really fun for Tay since he's a big Dave Matthews fan and I guess he performs there all the time. There were tons of people there working out on the stairs, even a whole football team doing some conditioning.

I hope for those of you who see this picture of Tay and the van, you watched The Office this last Thursday...too bad it wasn't written in Korean...we weren't sure if it was going to Church or delivering paper...
Downtown Denver!
Denver Temple... so pretty and a great time to go when all the tulips were blooming!

Thanks again Nate and Amber for a wonderful weekend! We love you guys and recommend the rest of the fam to go visit them (hint hint) ;)

Apr 17, 2009

Snuggie Time!

We love our Snuggies! Let us just say first of all, thanks Debbie again for getting us these. We use them all the time...not only to stay warm while working on homework, reading, etc...but also because they look so cool on...especially with a belt as you can see...

Apr 13, 2009

Easter Festivities

Happy Happy Easter! We went up on Friday night to dye easter eggs with Aubs and had a blast...well at least Aubs and I did...I don't think dying easter eggs were Tay's favorite thing as you can see from all his scowls...maybe it was because his eggs kept breaking :(

Aubs was getting pretty creative! We had fun spending the night with her.
So going to the grocery store that night was hard to find anymore easter egg dye kits...we couldn't find any at the first store we went to, and then the second we had the choice between High School Musical 3 or Hannah Montana...umm well our reasoning of choosing High School Musical 3 you ask? More fun faces for more fun colored eggs of course!
So you saw how not excited Tay was about the Easter eggs...here is how excited he is about the Easter candy! Wahoo!

...and well I was super excited too...Peanut Butter M&M's and Swedish Fish...my ultimate favs!