Nov 30, 2008

So much to be grateful for...

What greater blessing to be surrounded by those you love! We have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving...and here's just a few on the list...

Thanksgiving in Holladay
We made A LOT of mashed potatoes for ALL of my family! Thank you Costco!

oh how we all love Tay!

The twins on my dad's "team" as they played Settlers :)
We went and watched my niece, Taylor play in a soccer tournament

We played this game called Killer Bunnies a lot! It's a pretty fun one :)
Romney and Rudy
Thanksgiving in St. George

all my cute nieces having fun with the dress-ups!

So many people to be grateful for! We love our family! We spent Thanksgiving in St. George and had two big on Sunday for those who couldn't come down and then another in St. George! Good to be with the family! (oh and by the way you may be wondering what is going on with all those Ute fans? well, my family is about half for the U and half for the Y... of course Brig, Aly, and all the kids had to show off their sweatshirts the day after the big game...oh well, we'll get them next year! Oh and a really cute video from the weekend too...

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