Jul 25, 2008

Pineview with the Colton Fam

Our Cabin in Eden, right next to the Tiff and Brian's place which we mostly stayed at anyway :)
The boys all went mountain biking together...
Zach crashed a couple of times "due to his bike" and wasn't very happy

A Coltn' Floatn'
It was cold the first morning...we were just all so excited to go skiing..out and early on the boat...that's the colton motto!

Crazy Becca! She was having so much fun playing ping pong with us and she'd get this crazy look in her eye right before she hit the ball, we couldn't stop laughing!
So Brig bought Rock Band and it was so fun to play it all as a family...hey even dad got into it once :)

Don't you miss those days? When you hit 12 years old and don't have to wear a life jacket anymore it was like the same for me as turning 16 and being able to drive!

playing on the beach

oh all the little girls love Taylor! They can't leave him alone...all day they were swimming with him, pouring sand on him...how they love their uncle Tay :)


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