Apr 13, 2009

Easter Festivities

Happy Happy Easter! We went up on Friday night to dye easter eggs with Aubs and had a blast...well at least Aubs and I did...I don't think dying easter eggs were Tay's favorite thing as you can see from all his scowls...maybe it was because his eggs kept breaking :(

Aubs was getting pretty creative! We had fun spending the night with her.
So going to the grocery store that night was hard to find anymore easter egg dye kits...we couldn't find any at the first store we went to, and then the second we had the choice between High School Musical 3 or Hannah Montana...umm well our reasoning of choosing High School Musical 3 you ask? More fun faces for more fun colored eggs of course!
So you saw how not excited Tay was about the Easter eggs...here is how excited he is about the Easter candy! Wahoo!

...and well I was super excited too...Peanut Butter M&M's and Swedish Fish...my ultimate favs!

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