Jun 22, 2009

Our Adventure in Zion!

On our way down! Rich and Celeste and Ryan and Ana Maria came down with us. We also had other family and friends too, but our trip wasn't exactly as we planned...

Playing games like "pass the pigs". If you've never played it before, you need to :)

Little did we know at the start what an adventure lay ahead of us!

Rich and Celeste

This hike, called "Fat Man's Misery" was well named. However as Rich said, "It became skinny man's misery too"...
We got a lost down the wrong canyon and had some help getting back out of some pretty technical stuff. We had fun coming down though as we repelled some pretty fun drops and also we had fun coming out too as we were in pretty good spirits. We ended up getting back a little after midnight and hiked for 15 hours! What a day!

Yuck! Shandi fell into that...yea who knows what's in those little ponds

Waiting our turn to repel down...

Thankfully no big injuries but a few little blisters here and there. We love our Chacos!
Hmm Tay what could you be doing over there?
We jumped down a few higher places too that were fun as we would jump into a big pile of soft sand...

Come on Steve, you are the skinniest one on the hike!

Show off :)
This is where we got stuck and waited as each of us were pulled back up a 40 foot cliff! You can see them in the back getting the line ready.

So pretty!!!
Here's another pic of an obstacle we had to get back up and out
Celeste, Ana Maria and I
Poor Melissa just waiting for us to get home and worrying like crazy (as well as Tay's family who were waiting for us to get back). As soon as we got back and got some reception, we called them to let them know we were safe and on our way home.
Ana Maria and Ryan
Melissa, Shandi, and Steve

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