Sep 2, 2009

AHHHH! I'm a man!

Ok first of all let me explain...this is the email I receive the other day...

Cami Weight,

This letter is to inform you that the records we have on file are not matching up with the records kept at the Social Security Administration. There are five different categories that need to be the same both here at Brigham Young University and at the Social Security Administration. They are: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Date of Birth, and Gender.

The information that we have on file is as follows:

Last Name: Weight

First Name: Cami

Middle Name: Rebecca

Date of Birth: 12/11/1983

Gender: Female

Our records here at Brigham Young University indicate that your GENDER does not match the records kept at the Social Security Administration....

Ok so what?!...the Social Security Admin thinks I'm a man?! Taylor and I went to the Social Security Office yesterday to see what the deal was and they said that ever since 1987 when I got a Social Security card, I have been recorded as a MALE!!! Ahhhh! I can now say I have been mistaken as a man. LOL!!! We had a great laugh over this one and when I told me mom she laughed too...I guess the moral of the story...never assume anything! Gratefully the man at the counter believed I was a female, but now I just need to get my birth certificate and take it back to prove to them I'm a woman! haha! Who knew?


  1. Cami, my roommate got one of those one time too! They assumed she was a man, its a gender epidemic! Living with you, I never thought you had masculine qualities. If you are a man, I won't believe you!

  2. Cami, I guess these gender issues run in the family because when I went to get a new SS card for Scott when we got married he was listed as a female with the SS office. Too funny.

  3. Hilarious! When I was at BYU Independent Study I was recorded as male, too. What's up with that?

  4. Cami! That EXACT thing happened to me too! Do you think Mom was so tired from all the kids that she and Dad just couldn't get it straight? :) ... I saw that Jana said it happened to Scott too ... so weird. I was listed as a MAN and had to go in and change my gender when I got married to Nate. So crazy!!!!