Jan 27, 2010

W8 family pics

We got the royal treatment and ended up with some fabulous pictures from Shelli Dame! Thanks so much Shelli! We love them and lots of fun playing in the snow that day :)

ooh la la


  1. the b&w is my favorite. What a beautiful family. I want a big family to take photos like that!

  2. These photos are stunning. What great families you both have! I have to say thanks for your comment, it sure made my day!

    I knew you were expecting (loved the way you announced to your fam, by the way), but hadn't heard yet that you are having a boy!!! YAY! YAY! That is so great! I'm totally biased, but May is such a great time of year to have a baby (Eliza's big day is May 11)...

  3. Cute baby bump, Cam! Is he very active? I loved when Emma moved around lots. It's the most incredible feeling :) So happy for you!