Aug 10, 2010

Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

Bridger told us he wants to live in Colorado someday :) so any chance we can get to visit Nate and Amber we will take...Amber sent an email inviting us to come and just a couple days later we found ourselves there.
Taylor in deep thought...what a wise wise man
This is Connor...Connor discovered his nose recently :)
We love Big Boys! Bridger (3 months) and Connor (11months) ...Happy Three month Bridger!
Aubs, Amber and Connor in downtown Denver
It was fun and relaxing as we just went and laid out at the pool and played...we didn't want to leave!

oh sleepy boy, you are so cute!
This is by far my most favorite ice cream place I've ever been to in my entire life...not only was the ice cream and gelato delicious but the building was so cute!
Here we are at Pike's Peak (in the gift shop)...something was definitely in the air up there (maybe it was in the fog) but we had some laughs over some of the silliest things :)
...and we thought we may have seen big foot too!
it was soooo cold!
We couldn't take Bridger because his lungs weren't developed enough, so Amber was nice to stay back with Connor and Bridger as we went up Pike's Peak. There was some beautiful views on the way up but then the weather started going crazy with rain, hail, and tons of fog that blocked our view at the top.

get em bridger!
We also made it a point to see some other friends and family out in Colorado while we were there. Here is my old mission companion, Julia Smith. We ate at a place called Chedders which was very yummy!
We also went to a Rockies game with Nate and with Tay's cousins, Doug and Sara and their friend Jay. Thank you Doug for the beautiful profile :)


  1. Ah I love Colorado too. I was wondering where Bridger was in the pics that you posted on FB (is it weird that I noticed and liked the blue wall color and striped couches?). Yeah, I'm a freak. Tell Nate and Amber I like their wall color and wished that I lived in Colorado too. ;)

  2. What a fun trip! You did a lot of stuff I haven't done! (Of course I didn't grow up by Colorado Springs...) It's been forever since we've hung out. I can't believe school is about to start...where did the summer go!?

    You guys always look so happy! Love the Weights!

  3. Looks like such a fun trip! And how fun to see Julia! Your little boy is so cute! Ours is on his way in just a few more weeks (unless he decides he wants out early). :)

  4. Lots of fun adventures! Bridger is so cute & you are also looking amazing & energetic for a woman with a 3-month-old!

  5. Cami, your little Bridger is the cutest little boy EVER! Seriously. I love him! I think we should get together for a play date. My girls would love him too, and probably say "baby!" over and over and over. Looks like you had fun in Colorado! I love that state!

  6. your fam is so cute! looks like you're do'n well.