Oct 31, 2011

Pumpkins and Boys

We went to a pumpkin patch on Suavie Island, Oregon and had so much fun! Lots of pumpkins and lots of room for Bridger to just run around and have a good time.
 The morning started a little chilly so we all bundled up but just an hour or so later, it was a perfect sunny warm day.

 We went with the Harris family... Todd Harris was Tay's mission companion and it's so fun to have them so close.

 My little model haha

 ...and my little chubba...mmm I just love eating those cheeks!
 (playing on the bales of hay)

 the pumpkin patch was huge and it was fun to just walk around and enjoy the beautiful day

 our little helpers picking out pumpkins :)
 and testing them out too!

 oh yea, he's mine

a beautiful day, lots of fun, and both boys were fast asleep on the car ride home...a good day I'd say

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  1. You have the most adorable family! I love the pics of Taylor and Bridger - it's like they speak each others language. Your boots are so cute and I love your hair!! Miss you guys!!