Jan 3, 2011

Christine's Baby Shower

I'm so excited for Christine's baby to come due in February. She came out for the holidays so it was fun to have a shower for her. She is having a boy...yea for baby boys and now Bridger will have a boy cousin his age on the Weight side.
This is the little baby toy we thought was a great resemblance to Bridger as a little baby :)
As always Elizabeth does an amazing job with all of the food and decorations...we did contribute the chocolate fountain though so if you want to invite us to your party we can bring it along :) yum

Bridger was such a good boy too and loves being around other people, even strangers...the only stranger I've seen make him scared is Santa...post to come with all the Christmas fun!

1 comment:

  1. What a doll he is! I can't wait to hear about his adventure with Santa--he's the not the first I've heard of having a hard time meeting the jolly fat man. I wish you were close enough to just bring the chocolate fountain over--no need for a party...mmmm, chocolate.