Jul 18, 2012

Birthday Boys!!!

 The boys had their birthday in May (I know that was quite a while ago...I've been a busy momma :)... I had lots of fun making it a Dr. Seuss themed party. Mason (Thing 1) and Bridger (Thing 2) had a blast and loved being with so many of our family and friends. Here some (ok well lots) of pictures to give you a look at the fun day...
 Cat in the Hat cake

 food fun

 We were so happy to have friends and family come and celebrate with us!
Allen and Carmen
 Colby, Rich, Samantha and Melissa
 Trujillo triplet boys
 Rachel, Kira and her darling girls
 Christine, Debbie, and me

 Aubrey and Dillon
 Getting ready for cake...
 Mason blowing out his candle

 Bridger blowing out his candles
 Now for cake :)

 (going back for more :)

 Messy boy but loving every bite!
 Rich brought balloons to entertain all the kiddos...so fun!
 opening up the presents

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  1. So cute and creative, Cami. I loved seeing you last month!