Mar 30, 2009

Moab 1/2 Marathon

MOAB! This was the perfect getaway from the winter and to enjoy some sun and fun with family! My mom, my sister Tiff, and I ran the Moab Canyonlands half marathon. Even though my mom had a hurt back, my sister had a hurt foot, and I had major cramping hamstrings, we all finished strong! My mom even got 2nd in her age group (only 30 seconds behind number one!). Some day I'll be like her :) I finished in 1:45.

Finishing the race! I just waved to the camera (above) but it looks like a weird arm pose :)

The clan: Tay, Me, Grandpa, Tiff, Brian, Mom, Dad, and Aubs

We look like superheros! :)

Don't fall Tay!

If you look real close you can see Aubs and I

Tay went mountain biking and road biking too! What a fun place with so much to do!

"Parade of the Elephants" in Zion...can you see them?

oh so hot!
Uncle Steve was so nice to let us stay at his condo

Going home we pass "Colton" Utah...really it's a small town of maybe 2 or 3 buildings...


  1. Great job on your half marathon, Cami! Very cute pics of you & Tay! Hope life is going well for you guys- are you coming out to Wisconsin for the Trek 100 this June? Maybe we'll see you then!

  2. Hey Cami! I just was blog stocking and saw yours! I feel like it has been so long. I am really good friends with Megan Scott who says HI! You look great!

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  4. Looks like Moab was a blast! Congrats on the half marathon. What cute pics! I can't believe how grown up Aubrey is!!