Jul 12, 2009

Lake Powell with the Fam!

Oh Lake Powell...the best place to be on earth! I love it and so fun to be with family!
Tay's goatee in progress only lasted 2 weeks as he had to shave to officiate in the temple for Christine receiving her endowment on Thursday when we got home...whew! I was happy he shaved it, even though I was sad because he was sad.
Me on the air chair...an experience everyone should have someday :)
Shelbie, Katelyn, Romney...
and of course Becca!
Great catch Colton!

Strike a pose!
Chris (Zach's friend), Zach, and Tay...Stylin Shades guys
Kamryn and Brekyn
Our boat was having some issues at the beginning of the trip and Brian was very nice to take us out all day skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, etc...
Crazy but beautiful Aubs!
Amber and Nate (Amber is almost 8 months pregnant and wouldn't let me take any pictures of her besides a head shot) :)
Evening fishing

Tay and Zach...the Ninja men of Lake Powell

I love skiing!

So Tay started this close pin game and sneakily stuck close pins on everyone...when we discovered it, it spread like wild fire. Here is Becca, trying to be sneaky :)
Cute :)

Even cuter
I'd like to point out Tay's well defined calve muscle in this pic
here's Becca again getting me with the close pins...the top one I took a picture of her caught in the act...look at that sweet innocent face...now look at her face on the bottom...that sly girl!

Mom, Tiff, and I

Colton and Taylor (the girl :)
We were playing the game quarters and Becca was playing right along doing a fantastic job! Here we are doing "barn doors"
oh tired Rudy

Ok so I wish a got some video too, but here are a few pretty cool pics of Tay wakeboarding

Ninja to the rescue
Playing the Great Dalmutti
the wind catching Rudy's ears just right :)

What's Lake Powell with out a lot of good drinks?

Kamryn and Colton
No hands!
Aubrie, Chris, and Zach
Aly, Tay, and Cam
We love tubing too and here I am almost falling right on Tay after a big wave!


  1. What a great time! We love Lake Powell with the fam...

  2. I agree about the air chair experience, it's fantastic!

  3. Cami! It's Tasha, thanks for commenting on the Gerber post, I will show it to her tonight. I'm so excited you have a blog, I am now a follower on your blog. I keep in contact better on the blog than anything else. Hopefully you can visit ours and we can be united in BLogdom. seeing your powell photos made me want to go to the beach!!!

  4. How fun!! My family is in Lake Powell right now and it makes me wish that we were with them! Love it!!