Jul 19, 2009

Zach got his mission call!

Called to Serve in the Calgary, Canada mission! Congrats Zach, we're so happy for you!

Everyone waiting to find out! We all put in two guesses and it was so cute as a couple of my nieces guessed, "on a beach", "on a mountain", "where Amber is" (colorado), and where Jake is (Chicago). In the end three of the kids actually guessed Canada!

Mom is so proud of Zach!
...and we are too!

Dad and Brig reading more about his mission.

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  1. Hey you beautiful girl!

    Thanks for the comment. I love re-connecting via the blogging world. You look absolutely smitten and in love. I'm so happy that life's been treating you and Taylor well! We're going to Lake Powell in August and it's the first time I've taken kids. Do you have any tips?