Aug 20, 2009


Here we are starting the 10 mile hike down to the Havasupai campground and falls...
Brad and Holly Petty came with us and we had a lot of fun with them! that's the way to relax!

This is Havasupai Falls

Look how pretty we are in our different color rain ponchos!
Going to Church there was so neat! Only about 9 of us were there for meeting and we all got to participate. It was really neat that Tay and Brad were called on to bless the sacrament.

doing the dishes :)

me climbing down to mooney fun!

here's Mooney falls!

this is us trying to do scary faces...although looking at this picture it's really not scary at all :)
we had so much fun playing in all the little falls coming off of mooney falls...lots of little currents to ride in and a lot of fun exploring! we all felt like little kids again :)

taylor is a little dare devil


  1. Cami, I found your blog! It was so good to see you the other night! Love, love, love Havasupai! Although I can't say I got to go to church while there. That must have been quite the experience! You guys did Fat Mans Misery this summer! We love that canyon!!! You guys love to do a lot of the same things we do. Why haven't we kept in better touch? We should have been hanging out all summer :) It was so much fun to explore your blog and see what you guys have been up to! I am so glad we can keep in better touch now! Loved seeing all your fun pictures!


  2. Funny Story, we have a rockclimbing group and when I suggested we camp there, they all looked at me as if I had made up a location, no one believed me that it exists, they said maybe it was a mormon thing. So! I appreciate your post cause I sent it to my friends as proof of its beauty!

  3. I love it! Shane and I want to get into hiking/camping. All I know about it is what I did while working as a firefighter so I don't really know how to truly that possible?

    Can you just be my mentor for life? You are doing all the things Shane and I want to do more of or get into. Let me know if you'll take the job. ;)