Aug 13, 2009

How time flies!

Some pics I forgot to post from Christine's (tay's sister) wedding. It was a lot of fun and reminded us of how fast time goes by. We've already been married for over a year and still having a good time, although I'm not sure if Tay fully appreciates my kisses like he used to as you can see :)


  1. Congrats on passing the one year mark, you both look great. I was looking at your wedding pics and they are beautiful. I think time flies too! I just want it to slow and enjoy more fully each moment. I will see you at the reunion this year, I didn't go last year.

  2. Just saw your comment about having a blog on facebook. Super cute blog and I'm so jealous of the Lake Powell pics. That place is heaven on Earth! I wish my parents hadn't sold their houseboat share...:( So sad.

    Anyway, you are beautiful and I'm excited for the adventures we are going to have this coming semester!