Mar 25, 2010


Many of you have probably noticed how bad I've been with blogging lately...I wish I could use the excuse of me being 7 months pregnant, but that's not really it. I just have been busy with my baby projects! Hooray! I love baby everything right now and so here are a couple of the things that I've done for our baby boy...

Project #1: Baby bedding! It started with my wonderful mother in law, Debbie, who is going to make sheets, little blankets, basket liners, and a crib ruffle and bumper for our baby room! I had so much fun picking out the fabric and loved the cute patterns. I was in love! So then I made pillows to match...and a puff quilt! I'm not very good at sewing yet, but I'm taking a sewing class right now that I think gave me a little more confidence to do all of this. It was so fun and I'm definitely going to be making one for each child we have :)

Project #2: Learned to Crochet! I started with something simple: a scarf! ...don't look too close or you'll see how uneven it gets...o-well! (Thanks to Melissa who taught me how to do lots of different stitches)
Then I learned a really fun stitch and made a baby blanket! (thanks again to Melissa!)
...still probably not perfect stitches, but made with LOTS of love! I got so into it that it only took a couple of days! Go ahead and call me obsessed :)
Project #3: Rocking Chair Staining! First of all, this rocking chair has a lot of history for Tay and I. He got it for me when we were dating and I didn't want to stain it until I knew what our baby room was going to look like. Sadly when we moved it from my old apt. in the truck, it tipped out over the side and broke! We got it fixed, but the glue kept the stain from sticking on it in a couple of places (as you can see in the up close pic).

We stained it for an FHE activity...although Tay probably did most of the work...what a good husband!

We picked the saying, "Come what may and love it" from Elder Wirthlin. We felt like it was fitting, not only for the past but for our future and what it brings. We are so excited for a baby and know that challenges are on the way, but more than anything else we will LOVE it!


  1. Those blankets are so cute! I'm making one just like it and it's tons of fun. The chair looks great too. I'm so excited for you guys!

  2. Before baby parents are so excited for their baby, they already prepare
    all the things for their baby needs...................

  3. Holy Moly! That puff blanket is SO adorable! I also loved the blue one. Will you teach me? P.S. send me an email with your address..pretty please!

  4. So I have no idea what is going on, but your blog, for some reason, doesn't show up on my most recently updated list...Lamo!!

    Anyways, you are so amazing and I can't believe how quickly you went from learning how to crochet to making that baby blanket.

    Your pillows and comforter are so amazing. You just flat out amaze me!! Love ya Cami!

  5. Wow Cami! The material looks SO cute, and good job in learning how to do all these new things ... I could only focus on getting baby things ready when I was pregnant - You are definitely going above and beyond. :) Can't wait to be there for the baby, birthing, etc, in May. By the way, have you thought about who you'd want in the room when you give birth? If it works out, I'd love to be there - I had all of Nate's sisters in the room and his mom (which I didn't think I would do), but it really was a neat experience having them all there. :)

  6. Cami-
    I was so sad I couldn't make it to your shower! I hope that you are doing great and I wish I could have seen you. I love all of your projects! You did a great job on all of them! You are amazing!

  7. Your projects are so cute! I love the fabric you picked for the puff quilt!

  8. Please, please, please do an enrichment and teach me how to make the quilt and pillows. If you don't the next time you visit teach and ask, "Is there anything we can do for you?" I'm going to ask you then :)

  9. Okay you crafty little thing, those are adorable!! Great job! Oh and I love your valentine pictures. They're hilarious!

  10. Wow, Cami! You've been up to some great projects! I'm very impressed with all of your skills...

  11. You go girl!! Wow! Look at all you have done. Very inspiring!!