Mar 24, 2010

Ward Baby Shower!

So I stole this post from my wonderful friend, Alyssa, who helped throw me a shower with my also wonderful friend and sister in law Elizabeth. Call me lazy, but I'm just going to copy and paste it all haha! ...

"The Baby"

My dear friend, Cami, had her baby shower this past weekend. I love her so much that I didn't want to subject her to a party thrown solely by me. Instead, I was a baby shower apprentice and learned from Elizabeth, who really did throw a great party.

Elizabeth is my definition of class. She knows all sorts of things I'm clueless about. For example: Did you know a topiary is a tree or bush you can shape? Elizabeth made the paper topiaries and bunnies you see here.


  1. Nothing beats not having to write your own post!! It was fun to throw you a party!

  2. I didn't know Jana was in your ward? She was my roommate when she married Scott. Love them! Tell them hello for me!