May 9, 2010

Last Days...

Baby should be coming soon and here are a couple things that have kept me busy so I don't go crazy just thinking about baby every second! :) ...
Spending time with family (it was Grandma's 90 bday! Go Grandma!)

Getting more temple trips in (especially trying to go to temples that are farther away since it will be harder when the baby comes :)
Spending time with friends (BBQing with the treehouse clan )

Saying goodbye (temporarily) to my work friends...Dan Ware, Brad Petty and Brandon Jackson
Last week of my pregnancy I even went to the BYU Women's Conference with my wonderful and just what I needed for a spiritual boost before being a mother! I'm so grateful for the great example of my mother and can't wait to be a mom too!
I even celebrated Mother's day too :) Tay got me a beautiful corsage...what a wonderful hubby!

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