May 15, 2010

Maternity Pics

Due to an awesome photographer and friend, Alyssa Vincent, we had a good time doing some maternity pics. I was really hesitant to do them and only wanted a couple of classy shots (we all know there's some pretty scary looking maternity pics :) ... so last minute (at 38 weeks) I decided I really wanted just a couple ones that celebrated being pregnant. Honestly for me, pregnancy was actually really enjoyable and the excitement and anticipation of that little one is a feeling hard to describe. I feel like some of that joy I felt was captured in these photos.

Ha ha Tay is so much tanner than me :)

This one is my favorite :) Thanks again Alyssa for showing me that maternity pics are worth it! And of course I will give her website a little shout out for those of you looking for amazing pictures. Alyssa Vincent Photography


  1. Wow, those are great! Very Classy too. I've seen some oddly sexual maternity shoots. I feel WAY better about this one! You are a beautiful mother.

  2. Come on! No creepy maternity pics? I was hoping for those!

    Alyssa really did a great job. I really like her. When did you guys take these? Moments before Bridger showed up?

    It is kinda nice that Tay is tanner so you can tell whose hands are whose really easily. ;)