Jul 26, 2010


Happy Pioneer Day everyone! I don't know if this is really the best way to honor our pioneer ancestors, but we were lucky enough to have a great friend, Camellia Rowland, who was the event director for this Cuisine Fair in Provo and got us free tickets! It was delicious and so fun! We are definitely going to be doing this next year...
The Markhams also enjoyed the event with us as we went from booth to booth filling up our little box with foods of all sorts :) ...is this heaven?
The woman of the day! Thanks Camellia for your hard work to put together such an awesome (and yummy) event!
As we sat down to eat some of our delectables, this lady insisted that she hold Bridger for us and was so sweet :) She just loved holding him and it was very nice of her.
this food was only from one booth...as you can imagine we were pretty full afterward...we didn't even get to all the booths!
p.s. Bridger is so good at holding his head up now and is just getting SO strong!


  1. Such a fun and yummy day! I need to get pictures up too! It's so fun all the adventures we go on. I'm looking forward to the tri. It is going to be so fun to cheer you all on!

  2. Love the new background, and the cute pictures! It's funny how many random friends having a baby with you makes!

  3. Eating is always the best way to celebrate ;) Bridger's adorable!

  4. Cami, I found a link to your page from Brad and Holly's blog. Bret and I are so out of the loop, we didn't even know that you guys had your baby yet! He is adorable and we're so happy for you. I loved seeing your pictures... Provo looks beautiful. We sure miss it but we're learning to love Texas too. Hope everything's going well.
    Love, Cami and Bret