Oct 20, 2010

Lake Powell! (again)

Lake Powell in October? Yes! The weather was beautiful and it was great once again being with the fam. It was a rough start because Brig's boat didn't work at first so he drove all the way home to get Dad's boat! It was very nice of him and we ended up having a lot of fun!
Last time we came, Bridger was only a month and a half old and slept most of the time...now he's 5 months I think he had a lot more fun!
He is so smiley and happy all the time these days!
Here we are...we came with my brother Brig and his family, Aubs, Jeff and some of his friends.

So funny story...my little brother Jeff, and his two friends thought it would be fun to dig a big hole and Tay had the pleasure of then burying them in it...the funny thing is that they had so much fun doing it they then dug another hole even bigger!
It was entertaining to watch
(the second hole :)
I think this was the only outfit I put on Bridger as he LOVED being naked so much while we were there :)
Aubrie you dazzle us
Here I am wakeboarding, Taylor in the picture below...notice the difference?

Another favorite of mine...air chairing!
Bridger loved playing in the water! He especially loves kicking his little legs around.

Where we stayed...
until next year Lake Powell...
...we love you


  1. oh I am sitting here in my cubicle looking at the water and wanting to jump in.